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I am so incredibly grateful to all the beautiful souls who booked and enjoyed their services, and left us a review! If you feel called to write your own review, the form available is here

Samantha Saucedo

- Quantum Healing Session


I feel so blessed that I was able to book a quantum healing session with Saule at a time when I wanted to find myself again. This session allowed me to deep dive into all that I am. She brought me to the palace of peace that I forgot I held within. Her guidance and clarity helped me find my own. She is a true healer and such a beautiful soul. With her help, I learned to accept what was, believe in what is, and create what will be. We are the creators of our own story and sometimes it can be easy to forget that. Saule helped me remember who I am. Words cannot describe how beyond thankful I am to have been brought back home by this kind soul. She is someone you can fully trust with all that you are and then some. I highly recommend booking with her, she provides a safe space along with her guides, there is great insight to behold in the light. Her wisdom and kindness are unmatched. I love you! Blessings, beautiful souls!

Maeve Indigo

- Channeled Tarot Reading

Saule's reading was SO much more than I was expecting! Everything was very specific and completely on point! There was no fluff or 'live laugh love' type messages, it was all key points that resonated specifically to my path and she pulled out VERY detailed messages relating to my ancestry and mission. Saule is incredibly intuitive and gifted and I am SO grateful for her wisdom and insight, it really helped me put so many pieces together. Saule has Big High Priestess energy for real, its rare to find energy like hers, if you're looking for an intuitive reader and spiritual guide, Saule is your girl!

Eva Dugre

- Quantum Healing Session


Saule is the sun and she shines so generously. She guides with so much love and is so unconditionally present and accepting. I feel truly transformed after her guidance sessions and surrounded with so much warmth, love and light. She does such an incredible job of making me feel safe and comfortable as I go into painful/scary depths of me. I wouldn’t be able to reach these parts of myself without her presence and support. I’m so lucky to have crossed paths with her and to be walking with her. Thank you, Saule🌸

Saulė is perhaps the most authentic and sincere healer I have worked with. Her service to humanity and to healing others is apparent in everything she does: the life work she has embarked on to learn and absorb new methods of healing, the depth of her connection with spirituality, the care and concern she has for those who embark on a healing journey with her. Saulė invokes the Divine Mother and Father Protector in healing sessions, guiding you towards healing your mother wounds and father wounds in your family of origin. Her approach is gentle and caring, never aggressive. She won’t take you to a space that you are not yet ready to enter but will instead pace her healing to what your soul needs and can handle in that moment. She is a trained Reiki healer who also uses light language in her process. Saule herself has walked a difficult journey and from what she has experienced she has drawn the courage to heal herself and others. I worked with her on a weekly basis for six months and these sessions have turned my life around in a way I never could have expected a year ago. I am now integrating her healing into my daily life and am already seeing so much positive change in how I perceive the world, how I cope with my anxieties and stresses. I feel blessed to have had this experience with Saulė holding space for me and guiding me on my healing journey.

- Laima Sruoginis, Spiritual Mentorship Program

I had caught the flu--one of those nasty flus that hangs on forever, obstructs your breathing, and knocks you out for weeks. No, it was not Covid, but close. I reached out to Saule Ilona Vaida for a Reiki healing session. We tuned in over facetime. She suggested I lie down, but as soon as I did I was coughing hard and gasping for breath. Then she suggested propping myself up on pillows. The session began. I just relaxed and received Saule's energy. When she does Reiki, she is completely and absolutely focused and present, and her soul goes somewhere else. As I relaxed and experienced her transferal of energy, my coughing ceased, my breathing evened out. After about half an hour of Reiki I was able to take deep clear breaths again for the first time in days. The healing went deep and my lungs cleared out. The next day I felt much better and was hardly coughing and breathing well. Saule Ilona Vaida has a gift. I recommend her highly. I've experienced Reiki healings before, but this was an exceptional experience.

Laima Sruoginis, Reiki Healing session

 I’ve gotten two readings done and they were both very accurate and insightful. You have great vibes and are very positive! Thank you for helping give me clarity on this journey stay blessed!!

- Khristian Shockley, pre-recorded Tarot Reading

Thank you so much for helping me, and releasing energetic attachments! I feel more light and energetic now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Take care!

- Meghan Bodine, Remote 4 part Reiki Session

 I am lost for words. Thank you so much, this reading is exactly what I needed! Anyone looking for a reading I highly recommend this beautiful girl  sending lots of love


- Alana Bickell, pre-recorded Tarot Reading

Thank you so much for my reading! It was sent to me very very quickly. So much of what was said in the video resonated with me deeply, I was surprised by how accurate it was! You have a very soothing, supportive energy that I enjoy, and I'll be coming back again if I need guidance in the future!

- Erika Beltran - California, USA, pre-recorded Tarot Reading


Thank you so, so much for this! I feel like I have so much more clarity. I’ve been working so hard lately to put myself first, and I have felt so much guilt about it. This confirms that I am on the right path.

Thank you so much

- Jasmine Reyes, pre-recorded Tarot Reading

this reading resonated so so much! brought me so much reassurance and clarity thank you so much!!!

Morgan Graham, pre-recorded Tarot Reading

Thank you so much for the video!!! A lot of what you said really touched me and I could feel myself getting emotional because of how spot on it was!!! I love your energy and I appreciate this thank you :)

- Sierra McClanahan, pre-recorded Tarot Reading

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