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I thought that it would be a flash and a boom

And the world would go dark.

I thought that all at once

Light would spew out of me

Erasing any imperfection,

Pocket of darkness

And propel me back

Into the waiting arms of the divine.

There was no flash.

There was no noise.

Only a quiet mist that descended upon the city.

The people lost in a hazy fog

Dreamily dozed off for a while.

We knew it would get ugly,

With the closet door ripped open

All the things we shoved away for tomorrow

Came tumbling off the shelves.

We tripped on piles of dirty laundry

Strewn across the floor, old toys and moldy books

We shoved away all the things we didn’t like anymore

And pretended they were gone.

but I will not be content with a boom.

I need a cacophony of colors,

From dark to light and many others.

My soul is a firework display

Crackling, echoing and exploding

In every direction,

Cascading into misty smoke that hovers

And descends over a sleepy body

Tired from picking up scraps.

Clearing up for the party,

Glancing out the window nervously

Waiting to greet the guests

Who are too late in arriving

Anticipation filling the room.

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