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I Am

You are the light that spills out of windows

And the comfort of rain against glass.

You are warm blankets and toes in the cold air,

From arctic storms to drought and destruction

You are everywhere.

You are pain, sweet warrior, of love and feeling.

You are priestesses around ancient fires praying

To stardust and alien interference.

You are hackers staring into screens, disrupting

The world we constructed out of numbers and

Sacred geometry skewed in it’s divine form,

For the divine unfolding of the free will

in duality of expression.

You are 4am darkness and 5am light,

Calling us to stop being afraid,

That morning has come

Comforting us from the fear of night.

But you are the knight,

From the shadows and the monsters under beds,

To full moons pulling water and humanity

Into the deepest depths of the lake

Where the old spirits with hair for kelp

Linger in the shadows,

Holding the child you were, frozen

Under the ice you drilled a hole in

And dove in to search for her.

You are all the pain in this world and all the love.

You are choice. You are free. You can step through

The looking glass or shatter it on the ground

But you cannot escape the

Unfathomable, disgusting, skin crawling

Reality that at your center

You are God

And this world is your canvas

To paint your dreams across

Whether they be nightmares haunting the

Deep, blue circles under your eyes

Or you linger in clouds basking

In river water forever

Drifting with the current

Or fighting against the waves

You are sacred

You are born of love, created in love

And given the free will to choose

Because love is your essence

And all you are meant to be.

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