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In the calm darkness before sunrise

When the Earth is damp and soft

Washed with rain and soft soil runs

Seeds pressed into the ground with cold fingers

Hoping for the day they will sprout

Kissing the path we walk on.

Thanking the rain

For washing our surface

Saturating deep into the core.

Thanking the flames

For the writhing ecstasy

Of disintegration.

Something is now nothing.

Nothing becomes everything.

Thanking death

That lays us down softly

Planting kisses down our bodies

Our soft shells to hold us in

Aching for the sweet release

As the tongue of death

Laps us deep down within.

In the calm darkness before sunrise

I feel heavy Earth around me

My body is enveloped

Borrowed carbon returned.

I am nourishing the soil,

The bugs and fungi and loam,

Letting it dissolve to nothing

But planted seeds

Pressed into dirt

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