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Autumn Equinox Energy Update

Hey there beautiful souls!

This is a little channeled energy update for today September 25, 2022 and the Portal we’re currently passing through, as well as the upcoming events and changes coming up in our world!

Hi there beautiful beings! We are so honored to share with you these deep and precious codes of the Autumnal Equinox on the Nothern Hemisphere, and Spring Equinox on the Southern. This is an incredibly powerful time to reevaluate, reassess, and address all tensions coming to the surface within relationships, jobs, commitments, value/time/money, and how we navigate all these physical and material reflections of our inner world.

Many people have been leaving their usual life lately - leaving behind jobs, relationships, friendships, and habits that no longer serve them and no longer resonate. The tension of trying to stay within a dynamic or an abusive situation (which can be subtle and mental/emotional and in any area of life, abuse of a substance, abuse in a work situation, relationships, household) is simply running out of steam as our hearts are activating and guiding us into true unconditional love.

This is why September has felt like such a deep purge in so many ways. Where we’re collectively headed through October and beyond, through Scorpio season and the Eclipses coming in with that, is going to take us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death collectively, where we all need our bright and luminous hearts to guide the way.

This month you’ve been cultivating and learning how to tune into your heart space, your truth, speak and express your truth and boundaries, and operate meticulously and with detail and commitment. Virgo season has been an opportunity to create healthy boundaries, new habits and routines, and the ability to discern lovingly between what is pure/impure, what is reflection vs projection, and what is loving or distorted. SO many hijacks and implants in our physical and emotional bodies are being removed, third eye/crown chakra/throat activations are coming through strongly, and choice points are being made that impact our timelines for years to come.

Right now with this New Moon in Libra, we are learning to balance the elements of Earth & Fire and now Air that we’ve been moving through in the past few cycles of the Zodiac, preceding the purging with the element of water in Scorpio season. The past Leo season activations through Lion’s Gate and Virgo season have taken our power and purpose into our bodies and the material plane. We’ve been planting seeds, making plans, and fueling ourselves with passion and groundedness. Now with the element of Air in Libra season, a cardinal sign, we are learning to subtly navigate these energies with delicacy. We’re a lot more in tune with the “winds of change” and the smell of the breeze, tactfully navigating difficult situations, and learning to carry it all in love. You may feel a lot of tumultuous, stormy energies emotionally, as these winds kick up the dust of your internal and external dynamics. But the rose-colored glasses and idealism of Libra allow us to navigate even the most intense or tragic seeming situations with love and understanding. No matter what kind of conflict you find yourself in, you’re able to look at both sides with compassion and love. It is also a very honest and frank energy of exposure coming in, that will save us from getting lost in too much of the idealism of Libra. There's a strong desire to know all the information before making a decision - a core element of Libra. Remembering and reconnecting to the beauty of art, music, aesthetics, decorating and adorning our bodies and spaces, and honoring our sacred temple within and without. Leaning into this energy, enjoying life and the beauty in every detail and nuance will help you get through anything.

Relationships are being brought under the microscope right now, and you may be tempted to even cycle back and through with some previous connections to fully understand and become aware of all dynamics at play. Now we have the opportunity to truly discern and become aware of how we’ve fed certain dynamics externally that we may have judged as the “fault” of the other person when they were in part reflections of our internal dynamics of how we treat ourselves and our different parts and aspects. A lot of exploration between the inner masculine and inner feminine is important here, tuning into our inner sacred union and inner family dynamics to be able to understand better why certain things repeatedly show up in our lives. This is a great time to use the following practices to ground and work with this energy:

  1. Journaling: Tune into journaling with the following questions, before or after a meditation:

  • How do I relate to relationships in general?

  • Do I feel safe and seen in my most intimate relationships/partnerships?

  • If not, what parts of me do I feel like I need to hide and why?

  • What keeps me from feeling safe internally and externally? How can I cultivate inner safety and vulnerability?

  • Do I take the time to listen and interact with all parts of myself?

  • Do I value one part of myself over the others?

  • What parts of me need more attention? How can I lovingly and healthily give that attention?

  • Where can I cultivate more harmony and balance in my life?

  1. Check out this Meditation to Connect with your Inner Sacred Union and inner Masculine/Feminine

  2. Sit quietly in nature with your hands and feet on the Earth, breathing in and feeling the air moving through you and activating your body with white light

  3. Spend time with loved ones, reconnect with old friends, cultivate community and safe expression

  4. Reach out and create closure with people you feel called to

  5. Cultivate a safe inner space to feel and connect with all of your parts and aspects, freewriting and journalling to make space for everything that wants to be seen and acknowledged.

If you would like support and space-holding through these intense Cosmic times, feel free to reach out to book an intro call for deeper Quantum healing Sessions or a soothing Reiki treatment

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