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Be With It All

Hey there, sadness -

I see you creeping up inside me

I feel you deadening my edges

Numbing out the senses

Drawing my body down, down, down

Heavy with sleep you can’t shake off.

Reciting words in the kitchen,

Cooking oats and washing dishes,

Doing the things that are meant to be good

Hoping one day I’ll feel it too.

Or maybe I could wish

For a whole good week

Not one idle pocket of sunshine

But sprawled suntans on the beach.

Maybe I could dream of the time

When the light in me finally

Triumphant and victorious

Takes off his helmet and raises his sword

Crushing the head of darkness

Under his golden boot.

But moonlight is the sun's refraction.

Hey there, darkling -

Let her come in.

Warm her up with a cup of tea

And a soft bed to sleep in.

Let her stay and tell you

The stories of what’s left behind

Hold her hand and reminisce

And warm her up by the fire.

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