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Catching Up

Hey there beautiful souls!

What an honor to connect with you all again! I know things have been a bit quiet on here in the past few months, but if you've been keeping up with my podcast you'll know that there have been lots of big changes in my life recently!

Moving across the country to Cancun, starting a new job in live performance, taking a trip to my ancestral country of Lithuania, and as always lots of growing and healing along the way. I felt called to take a temporary step back from offering healing sessions and creating content, a little vacation if you may while allowing new projects and ways of being to begin blossoming.

With all that in mind, I wanted to take this moment to share about the reality of exhaustion and burnout, especially when it comes to things that are so intimate as 1:1 healing sessions. I felt called to gravitate more towards live and group work, sound healing meditations, and sharing my voice in person, which is so very resonant with my soul.

But also, we have to be aware of the amount of energy, focus, care, and attention that goes into these 1:1 sessions, and I never want to offer something unless I know that my heart and focus are totally in it. I felt called to listen and lean into a shift that I wasn't sure exactly how was going to play out, what would come of it, or where it would take me. And within those shifts being reminded again and again to lean into rest and stillness, where truly all the answers lie.

When you're a "professional lightworker" so to speak.... your job is so much more nebulous and multi-faceted than externally understandable to those who may not live the exact same lifestyle. You have to sit with painful ascension symptoms, transmute massive collective energies, work all night in the astral plane, and there's no one to guarantee your salary! The amount that we do individually and collectively in service to love and humanity cannot be defined within a 9-5 schedule system. What we offer through our devotional practice, balancing taking care of ourselves and the needs of others, doing random things that we feel called to by spirit, and taking care of basic human needs like cooking and cleaning, can be a lot!

So this is why sometimes perhaps an appointment needs to be rescheduled because I'm exhausted from processing an activation, and it usually ends up aligning perfectly for the client in a magical way. This is why we need to take rest and space from being able to offer and give so much of ourselves. This is why prices are the way that they are, because realistically and for my health and I'm not available to do many sessions in a day or even a week! So much care and attention go into making sure my energy is 100% aligned to hold space for you and make sure nothing else is interfering. So much goes on behind the scenes to "set the stage" so to speak for the highly individual and focused healing that you receive in your session.

With all that being said, I'm excited to start opening up my books and offerings again on a temporary basis with the schedule I have available currently. Feel free to book below or through the Bookings page on my website to connect!

I'm also sharing the latest Light Language Healing Activation I shared on Youtube, all about healing and releasing addictions, upgrading your cells and DNA, detoxing, and shifting your physical body from 3D to 5D. Listening to these and other Light Language healing videos on my page will greatly accelerate and enhance your healing process, and offer support for any emotional processes you're working through.

Much love and such a joy to (re)connect!

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