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Client Testimonial

Hey there beautiful souls!

I wanted to share a recent client testimonial after completing the 6 month Spiritual Mentorship program and witnessing the profound shift in her energy and expression and transformation of her life! I'm so honored to be able to share and facilitate this healing, and it's such a gift to connect with each and every one of you! This is what she shared:

Saulė is perhaps the most authentic and sincere healer I have worked with. Her service to humanity and to healing others is apparent in everything she does: the life work she has embarked on to learn and absorb new methods of healing, the depth of her connection with spirituality, the care and concern she has for those who embark on a healing journey with her. Saulė invokes the Divine Mother and Father Protector in healing sessions, guiding you towards healing your mother wounds and father wounds in your family of origin. Her approach is gentle and caring, never aggressive. She won’t take you to a space that you are not yet ready to enter but will instead pace her healing to what your soul needs and can handle in that moment. She is a trained Reiki healer who also uses light language in her process. Saule herself has walked a difficult journey and from what she has experienced she has drawn the courage to heal herself and others. I worked with her on a weekly basis for six months and these sessions have turned my life around in a way I never could have expected a year ago. I am now integrating her healing into my daily life and am already seeing so much positive change in how I perceive the world, how I cope with my anxieties and stresses. I feel blessed to have had this experience with Saulė holding space for me and guiding me on my healing journey.


Thank you so much, and it is such an honor to be of service. If you would like to also dive deeply into your personal healing and transformation journey, I invite you to book a free intro call below:

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