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Connecting to the Lion energy - 08/08 Portal Activations

So recently I’ve been moving through some huge activations, especially leading up to this potent time of Lion’s gate and this desire to connect more with my Syrian/Lyran energy.

Syrian and Lyran energy is so often embodied and depicted through the energy of the big cat: Lions, Tiger, and Jaguars. Starseeds of that origin often have cat-like features or appearances and have zodiac sign placements associated with this energy, often fire placements and specifically Leo/Aquarius/Taurus/Scorpio, as fixed sign energies hold firm placements of divine archetypes that are able to be transmuted and merged with the Earthly energies.

So right now as we’re leading up to the huge energetic upgrades of Lion’s Gate portal on 08/08, it is particularly cosmically “ripe” to be in connection and receiving downloads and activations from these energies. This is your opportunity to connect to your Lion energy, your big cat energy and your power. Regardless of whether you feel connected to these star races or not, the ability to connect with the raw, Earthly, animal power of these creatures is so potent and felt. Just observing lions and cats gives you the sense of royalty, strength and power they possess. With also the ability to be keen and strategic on how they exert that power.

We all have the opportunity to connect with this - especially through listening to light language activations, tiger medicine frequencies, and simply closing our eyes and connecting to the big cat energy. Acting like a cat, feeling like a cat in your body. Flexing your claws, feeling the movements of your spine, and even roaring silently or out loud, releasing the power of your voice.

This is a time to connect to this archetype in whatever form it comes to you. Explore what different deities and symbols mean to you. If you feel particularly drawn to Ancient Egypt, do some research beyond what’s written. Close your eyes and connect to that place you feel drawn to, you may even find that there’s a particular soul connection there. If you feel drawn to jungles, deserts, sprawling open land, or even other planets, this is your chance to explore. Discovering the richness of your own inner world gives endless fascination and exploration. Connect with your physicality, your sensuality, dance, and move in ways that awaken energy to move through you. Feel freely in whatever is moving through and asking to be embodied, as you explore deeper embodiments of yourself.

Welcome to this Cosmic Portal, enjoy every moment of it, and trust you are held in the arms of the Divine.

For further guidance or to discover more about your Akashic records and Starseed origins, consider booking a channeled reading or healing session. Make sure to be specific in your asking of what you want to know in regards to these deep channeled readings :)

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