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Connecting to your Heart

Blessings, beautiful souls!

Congratulations, we’ve made it through one of the most powerful portals of the year, and possibly the most powerful of our decade or lifetime. Every portal day is an incredible opportunity for activation and evolution, and no doubt you felt the effects and shifts within your physical body and whole energetic being these past few days.

This is an incredibly important time to be gentle with yourself. Practice grounding and engage in grounding and nourishing activities that soothe your soul, awaken and tap into your soul gifts, and allow yourself to experience ease in joy. Please make sure you find time and space to laugh every day! This laughter and joy will assist you even more in your ascension process than even the shadow work sometimes.

Moving through the collective phase of Scorpio is a powerful and deep time of luminescence and internal exploration. You are a cosmic explorer, diving deep into your inner depths and bringing up the treasures hidden in the shadows! Instead of seeing shadow work as something scary or uncomfortable, let it be the feeling of sifting through dark mud and encountering gold! This gold of your being and your true essence lives in the ultimate place of truth: within your heart. Our heart is our resonance, our true frequency, and the seat of our power. Unfortunately, many of us forget our hearts and move into our heads, which is all too easy and encouraged in our society these days. Some people are so disconnected from their hearts, they can’t even feel the pain that they carry.

Incredible bravery is the path of the warrior who delves deep into the shadows of the heart. Honestly, bravely and with unwavering compassion, shining a torch into even the darkest and most unseen places. You are the warrior spirit, we all are. We all have the capability to awaken and unleash the rawest, most gentle, and powerful spirit within us through the ability to dive deep into our untamed center.

Tune in to your heart today. Move your energy from your head into the heart. Place your hands on your heart and feel. Allow the shadows to emerge, be felt, be loved, and be held in compassion. They contain the jewels of your being. Make it a daily practice to ask your heart what it needs, what it feels, and what it desires. This is where pure and raw wisdom is unleashed. You are powerful. You are a vortex. And the center of that vortex is the gem that lives in your chest. Honor it. Listen to it. Trust it.

Connecting to your heart is a multi-faceted process.

When you awaken your heart center, you may find that the density around it can be so overwhelming to navigate. Have patience and be clear as you allow all the trapped emotion and trauma to pump out and release through your emotional body. Allow yourself to cry, release, feel and be with what your heart is ready to share and reveal with you.

As your heart grows and expands and is able to feel again, you’ll be able to tune in to the magical power that it holds to create and expand your reality in the greatest abundance and coherence possible.

I’m so excited to be offering group energy healing sessions at an affordable price for those who may not be able to afford a full session. In these powerful times, we could all benefit from some rest and relaxation, a reboot, and realignment in all layers of our physical and energetic bodies. This is going to be a recurring event happening every 2 weeks, sign up through the link below to join live for a deep, guided meditation and an hour of Quantum Reiki Energy healing to raise your frequency and heal!

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