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Discovering love

Human love is one of the most profound things you will witness in your time on Earth. Human sacrifice for this innate and unknowable force may be the second.

We come into this Being for a very simple and powerful expression - to find and know the Source of Love.

All reflections play within this spectrum. The love you feel for your partner, your child, your family,


This love is infinite and boundless. It pushes and pulls you into shapes and expressions. Activates the strands of your DNA for a higher purpose. Through the knowing and enduring of that innate human nature - the exposure and vulnerability of love and loving, we come to know ourselves.

The teachings you receive from any Spiritual teacher, leader, or “guru” must have the basic principle of love at their core. If you don’t feel love, don’t accept it.

We are humans. We experience life through a filtered lens. Our mind distorts things and creates illusions. The true beacon we have to follow is the one that lives in our chest - pure, unfiltered love.


I was always afraid of admitting that I loved so deeply. I always loved so deeply and profoundly from when I can first remember, that it shattered me deeply in moments. Pure innocence and care are what is embodied in the spirit of a child, and that pure innocence can only be trampled by repeated trauma and dehumanizing events.

We love to know ourselves. We know ourselves through the filter, expression, and reflection of love. Some of us love fiercely. Some of us love gently. But in between and becoming within all of these purposes is the same lifeline and filter: Love.

We are loved beyond imagining. We are loved beyond rational understanding. Simply because that’s what we ARE.

Anything that is not love is staunchly revealed when you start to align your purpose and heart to these simple truths: like the Universe is infinite in your being, so is your capacity for love, forgiveness, and understanding.

The reason why inner work can feel so brutal is because your heart is being opened to receive and hold such intoxicating levels of love, to such a pure caliber that it must reveal and shatter every shadow and distortion within you.

The shadows that become revealed as you step further into light may leave you shaking in your boots, so to speak. You are faced with every facet of the human experience - the dense one, the violent one, the complacent one, the deeply hurt and fearful one. These discoveries continue to lead you deeper into embodying the love that you are, from every angle and aspect. From every place you explore, you find a deeper well of embodiment.

I’ve seen things in my soul and visions that shook me to my core. I’ve forgiven myself and others for unimaginable trespasses. All is possible when held in love. All are accessed when held in love.

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