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Early 2023 energy check in

Hey there beautiful souls!

I'm wishing you all a beautiful and restful start to the New Year. I don't know how anyone else is feeling, but I've been totally in rest, hermit, relax mode, and that feels like a collective pattern that seems to be going around. For some, it may be some form of illness or sickness forcing you to slow down, or an event or moment of grief or change that is forcing you into a deeper process, but this is a time to honor our cozy-ness, our foundation, and go within.

The beginning of the New Year can feel like a time when we feel pressured to "do" certain things, get started with our goals and success, and we can feel the pressure to "move on" from things we may not have even gotten the chance to properly grieve and integrate. For me personally, life has really invited me into a slower, rest-and-digest place, where the energetic shift from 2022 into 2023 can properly embed and integrate. For a lot of us, this is going to be a big theme this year, as certain changes and revelations can completely catalyze our sense of self changing. For many as well this will be a year of big action and risk-taking. So wherever you are in this process, allow yourself the care you need, take action on what feels aligned. and right to, and surrender into the zany, truth-revealing frequency of 2023!

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Let me know in the comments how this resonates and how you're welcoming in 2023!

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