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Eclipse and Podcast Update

Hey there beautiful souls! Blessings!

Just a few days left till my first live workshop in this amazing series! Be sure to sign up through the home page, as this will be a truly deep and transformative experience. The live workshop is happening at 6pm CDT but if you can't make it live you will receive a recording and the recording will be available for purchase on the shop!

Today is a very powerful and potent day, as we are witnessing this final eclipse of the season, this Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus during potent Scorpio season! This feels like the closing out and completion of a long phase of identity de-construction, reconstruction and renewal in this potent axis of Taurus/Scorpio. These two polar opposite and balancing energies are super interesting to dive into, and that's what we're doing in this latest episode of The Starseed Network Podcast!

Tune in to the podcast on Spotify through the link here:

Also available to listen through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever you prefer to tune in!

Blessings and wishing you a beautiful and transformative Eclipse!

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