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Eclipse energy update

This is a very powerful cosmic event happening today on the 19th/20th of April that not only affects each individual but the collective. The light codes and sun patterns/eclipse codes that are being accessed through this unique celestial event are activating mass awakenings and light body activations for every being present on this Earth. The ascension waits for no one and it leaves no one behind. To whatever level you’re tuned in to this ongoing process, you are receiving these codes into the depths of your being. Eclipses stopped being just “eclipses” after 2020. Eclipses now represent inter-dimensional portals and karmic cycle breakers, where beings have the opportunity to utilize this energy for the highest potential of healing and anchoring into a higher dimension and timeline, as well as purging ancestral, generational and deep soul karmas that may otherwise be more difficult to access. Eclipses also can bring profound soul gifts, for those who are doing the work and have cleared space to receive them.

Melt into the void space and the tenderness of your heart and soul. Hold yourself with deep compassion, as you allow yourself to be transformed through this highly energetic portal. Surrender the ego, surrender the idea of who you were/have been. This is not a time to begin constructing on shaky ground. This is a strong earthquake and rumble that is meant to clear and destroy what’s not working, what’s not in alignment, to make space for the new. Take sweet, loving care of yourselves.

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