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For The Girls Who Are "Too Much"

You will be too much for some people.

This will happen

because of your beautiful soul stretched too widely for them to wrap their head around.

Or the stardust on your fingertips

that leaves sparkles on sheets and tingles on the skin

of boys who don't look up at the night sky.

You will be too much in your wild ways

in your open heart and electric energy

that makes you shine warm like the sun setting over the sea

and spark and burn if left untended.

You are your beautiful self

because you know how to hurt

how to let go and say goodbye

how to leave them wondering

as your fingers itch to know him again

what he's doing, what he's thinking.

You never wanted more than some time and some space

but sometimes that is too much to ask.

Sometimes we say "leave it" and turn the page

and sometimes the pages are turned on us.

But don't think too hard,

girls who are too much

the world knows what you need

and will bring you what it must.

Just keep shining, keep burning

train your back to always be strong

keep your neck long to gaze at the stars

and your fingertips coated from trying to reach them.

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