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Healing the Collective Masculine

Hello there beautiful souls!

I wanted to share my latest podcast episode, all about healing the collective masculine, including the masculine within the feminine, and identifying various archetypes in their exalted and shadow form.

I'm also sharing below a recent light language transmission that was inspired by connecting with cenotes in Mexico, crystalline pools of pure water that are connected deeply to the center of the Earth. This transmission came through along with the light language healing:

Reclaiming Paradise Lost Frequency Transmission - light code healing with Inner Earth Lemurian support

Our divine birthright is heaven on Earth. Remember the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria? Our loss of paradise and unity consciousness living on Earth, that is not happening in the past but in the present now. Your soul may have been present and deeply wounded from those events, replaying the fear and tragedy of loss and descent into this matrix that now governs our 3D reality. Your soul remembers the blueprint of heaven on Earth, it is still here lying dormant in the seeds of the Earth, fruits and stones and roots of the trees and crystals. Stones are the most ancient of spirits, and hold encoded patterns within them since the beginning of time.

When I connect with cenotes (crystalline pools of water in the jungle of the Mayan Rivera, believed to be portals to the underworld) I place my third eye against the stones and ask them for an energy exchange. They have been encoding and sharing with me these ancient frequencies, that I now felt called to share here as well. We are supported above and below. All we have to do is choose and claim our destiny and our birthright.

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