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Healing the Nervous System and Self Sabotage

Hey there beautiful souls!

SO grateful to connect with you all today! I wanted to share a little collective energy update, the latest episodes and content, and check in with all of you and how things are moving!

Right now we’re collectively moving into some deep waters with the upcoming Scorpio season and New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio! This is going to be a deep, transformational time, but trust that these waters can carry you into deeper healing and embodiment. If you’re feeling a lot of change and transitional energy coming up, this is the perfect time to book a session or reading for deeper insight into how to navigate this energy.

There may be a deep need to completely shed skins - say goodbye completely to a past version of you and allow your next level, higher version to start coming in to your body.

Recently I’ve been learning so much about the power of embodiment, and really living and feeling safe in our bodies. When we learn how to feel truly safe and secure in our body and thoughts, our external reality (regardless of the circumstances) will align to that. We can be in the eye of the storm and any situation, but when we have tools and practices to calm our nervous system and return to presence, we are untouchable. This is why I was deeply inspired this week to record a podcast and guided meditation all about healing your nervous system, Somatic practices to feel safe in the body, and how to truly allow in more joy, love and abundance. So many of us have a nervous system “set point”, where there feels to be a limitation to how much joy, abundance and love feels “safe” to let in. When we can expand that upper limit and heal, hold and love our self-sabotaging parts, we can truly soar and expand our mindset and experience.

This has been a huge realization for me recently and working within to reprogram the body and mind has been so transformative. I recommend tuning into this latest podcast episode to learn more about the nervous system, how to heal it, and my own personal process around this. I also recorded and released on YouTube a meditation that you can follow to embody these Somatic practices, and feel safe allowing in more joy, freedom, pleasure, and abundance. Follow this meditation daily for at least 21 days and you will feel profound and positive shifts in your body and mind. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

I also wanted to share a recent episode I recorded with the SOul fam and creator/influencer Obadiah David! We connected deeply a few years ago through Tik Tok and finally got to chat over Zoom and share our insights and experience. We're talking all about Queerness, Sacred Sexuality, and embracing your authenticity and expression in this world! You can tune listen to the episode on my podcast, or watch it live here on YouTube:

Also while we're here ;) I just wanted to share some recent new music, a soft release from my upcoming EP 222! You can stream more of my original music on Spotify, SoundCloud, and wherever else you like to listen!

Sending you all so much love and healing energy!

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