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Holiday Blessings!

Hello there Beautiful beings!

Blessings on this Holiday season, Christmas day or. any other celebrations or festivities you're participating in! This is a powerful time to rest, reconnect with family and friends, and integrate. the year behind us as we prepare to enter the new. This is a potent portal time of death and rebirth as we're passing through the powerful energies of the Winter solstice, Christ consciousness codes available to us during the Christmas season, and the energetic portals of 12/12, and the upcoming New Year!

I encourage getting as much rest, joy, and Holiday cheer as possible, even as we're navigating what can be tricky dynamics between loved ones and families at this time.

I also would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for each and every one of you on this journey with me, all those taking the brave journey into the heart and healing process, with all spirals and levels of it. I am so blessed and grateful to offer this work, and it is so deeply fulfilling to connect with each and every one of you through this blog, podcast, and 1:1 sessions. I am so profoundly grateful for each and every one of you and our connection point in this wacky world!

I would love to share a recent episode of the Starseed Network podcast just released today, tuning into the current Collective energy landscape, navigating grief, and what can sometimes be complex emotions and energies that are present for a lot of people in this season.

here is the link to take in the episode on Spotify:

Or wherever you prefer to listen!

And if you are looking for last-minute Christmas gifts, I am offering online Gift Cards for all my products and services! Give your family and loved ones the gift of healing, a Reiki session, or Reading to connect with the energies of the upcoming year and integrate the present-moment lessons

Much love beautiful souls and I am wishing you the most abundant, joyful, nourishing holiday season!

Links to purchasing E-Gift cards are available here!

Happy Holidays and Blessings Beautiful souls!

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