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Inner Punisher Meditation

Hey there beautiful beings!

Such a pleasure to connect with you again. Today I'm sharing a guided meditation I recorded to connect with your inner punisher, a part I've been working with quite a bit recently. This meditation journey will bring you to connect and retrieve your inner punisher and bring them into a healing space with you. Please feel free to let me know how this resonates or what experience you have! If you would like space held for you to explore this part deeper in sessions, please feel free to connect!

I also just released a new podcast episode talking more about the inner punisher in societal and internal dynamics that is available to listen to here or on your preferred platform!

I'm also going to be teaching a class on the Saged App on May 9th at 5pm PST for the premium subscriber if anyone is interested to join or has access to that!

Thank you for being here, sending lots of love!

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