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Inner Punishment, Body Image, Eating Dynamics and Shame

Hey there beautiful souls!

What a pleasure to connect with you again.

Today I'm sharing a recent Podcast episode I just released on eh Starseed Network Podcast, which feels very important to talk about and share. This is a beginning of a series where we are exploring and diving deeply into the various ways that we internalize punishing and controlling energies from society, our parental dynamics, and the world at large. From this external punishment and control we can easily internalize this energy to create a false sense of "protection" within ourselves that only serves to suppress and shame from the inside in a desire to mitigate or "fit in." This part is called "the inner punisher" and I originally learned about it from The Soulfull Heart community and their extensive work and spearheading on sharing and building awareness of this energy we all carry.

This internalized punishment and shame can be experienced in soo many different ways, from the dynamics we have with our parents, society, what we take in through the media and programming, expectations, shame, and lack. Especially for women taking in harmful body image and media standards of what it means to be feminine, which can ultimately create so much harm to developing minds and the programming they induce. This part can show up in many different ways for each of us and can be accessed and connected with through meditation, many of which are offered on the SFH youtube channel.

In this episode, I share my personal process around the punishing energies of growing up in a strict and disciplined performing arts world, body image and shaming that is rampant in the Musical Theater and performance world, and my own relationship to unhealthy eating patterns that swung between excessive control and my part's rebellion towards that. This is a really deep and dynamic topic that we're only just beginning to skim the surface of! Much love and tune in for more

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