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Light Language

Hey there beautiful souls!

What a joy to connect with you again! I wanted to share a little bit today about a topic that is not super well known, but has been gaining more awareness recently and playing a big role in my own journey!

This is the topic of Light Language! Some of you who have been in sessions with me have heard me speaking in light language, channeling to heal and release and activate certain parts of the body, collapse timelines, and harmonize the energetic field and DNA. This is a very fascinating phenomenon that started opening up in my life around the end of 2020. I began channeling light language after receiving an activation that opened this portal for me, and at first, it was very exciting and overwhelming but a bit ungrounding, and I had to close the portal I had opened in order to stabilize myself. Now today in my life it's something that has become so integrated into my being that I speak it without realizing sometimes. When I'm singing or having fun, or interacting with other soul family members who speak their own light language.

Just to give a little explanation of what this is (and I"m going to dive in deeper with a podcast episode about this soon ) Light Language is a form of channeling higher dimensional language, words, sounds, and vibrations that have a higher frequency of light. These are sounds that we don't often hear in everyday life, that have the power to activate our bodies and beings to heal and align to a higher frequency. There are many Earth languages that are derived from or very similar to light language, such as Sanskrit, Urdu, and some African languages. These usually come from the more indigenous native tribes who originally had more contact and connection with the stars. and their star family. These more pure languages. and forms of dialect naturally incorporate sounds that are more light language based. Sanskrit mantras are light language transmissions, which is why they work so powerfully with an intention.

There are many different dialects and forms of light language, that often correspond to different star races such as Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lyran, and Andromedon to just name a few. There's also Lemurian and Atlantean light language from the first civilizations of Earth that were still very spiritually interconnected. For example, in the sound healings I offer, I always end the healing with a Lemurian healing temple song I channeled about a year and a half ago. The different forms of light language you may connect with can also depend on how connected you are to your starseed origin, and what those origins may be. If you've lived many lifetimes as a Lyran being, you would feel more drawn to channel and connect with Lyran light language. If you've lived on multiple different planets like me, or are able to connect and tap into many different star races, you can possibly channel many different forms of light language that sound/feel different for different purposes. You can tap into where your soul's origin may be, by tuning in deeper and asking yourself these questions in meditation, or tap into your Akashic record. It's also harmless fun to explore and research different starseed types! But I encourage you to also not let it take away from your experience here and now on Earth. I know how tempting it is for our heads to travel off into the clouds or another planet when the real work we came here to do is right here on Earth.

So I'm sharing all this with you now because I've been feeling called to share more light language healings. For the past few months as my channel has become more open, I've been channeling a lot more light language for healing and activation purposes, and using them in sessions to clear past karmas, traumas, attachments, entities, and heal and connect to peoples' Akashic Records. I began working with myself and my own gatekeeper part, and that work has expanded over the years of close connection with him. Honestly, I don't know how exactly all of this works in a "technical" sense, but I have witnessed and received feedback on incredible results and healing from these sessions and witnessing the healing it brings to my own body. Light language is a powerful tool that transcends time and space and allows deep healing to be facilitated on a quantum, DNA, and cellular level that is permanent, deep and transformative.

So with all this being said, I wanted to share my first light language activation video I created and posted on Youtube!

This is an experiment and the beginning of more to come with channeling this fascinating resource, and I would love to hear your feedback and experience with it! Feel free to leave a comment or message me directly with what you felt or experienced in the transmission. Also, a reminder that this is a generalized channeling, and when I connect to an individual in session space and their unique intentions and soul essence, what comes through is uniquely tailored for that being. If you would like to experience an Akashic records/Light language healing session and it resonates for you, feel free to book a session below!

Working in the Akashic records also unravels karmic patterns that may have been dormant or affecting your life through many lifetimes, beyond this current life experience. And when we work on this quantum level, you begin to facilitate quantum shifts in your mind/body and spirit to access your highest and truest frequency, integrate and process past life traumas and karmas, and integrate into more wholeness with your higher self! Also, these "past lives" we refer to are all happening simultaneously in the NOW, so what you may be experiencing in that "past life" is playing out on a parallel timeline next to you, and can be strongly felt. Do you ever feel strange sensations or feel events so viscerally as if they were real but they aren't here in this physical reality? this can be a symptom of bleedthrough and other timelines layered onto your own that are resonating with yours. You can open up access to work with these timelines in your own conscious and felt way, in your own process and timing, through connecting to the Gatekeeper aspect of yourself. Connection to this aspect is facilitated in divine timing through Quantum healing/Spiritual guidance sessions.

I'm sharing below this light language transmission to clear dense energies and attachments, align the physical and etheric bodies, and help with ascension symptoms! Please feel free to let me know how it feels and resonates! Thank you and sending big love and blessings!

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