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Light Language Healing Transmission to Free Yourself from the Matrix

Hey there beautiful souls!

While recently tapping into humanity's collective timelines, I felt really called to share and channel through a light language healing and guided meditation to assist souls in their transition out of the 3D/4D Artifical Matrix, helping release any matrix implants/beliefs/codes that are keeping you anchored to a lower timeline, and assisting the collective movement into more 5D New Earth frequencies. This light language healing transmission also facilitates integrating and healing traumas through connecting to your parts and entering and healing trauma-based timelines, integrating and collapsing them, and essentially elevating your consciousness through releasing density and naturally tuning you into a higher frequency.

This process is extremely important right now for humanity's collective shift, because the more work we do with ourselves to facilitate and heal ourselves, the more it shifts the dynamic of the collective. If you are ready to leave the Matrix programming, align more to New Earth codes, and release limiting beliefs and programs, this powerful transmission will guide you in that. I do recommend coming back to it at least a few times to fully alchemize the process. In the video as well, I am guiding you in a meditation to connect with your inner reptilian aspect (yes, we all have a reptilian aspect) and help free their consciousness from the 4D Matrix and guide them into the light. Doing this work not only liberates your consciousness but also all of humanity's because you are playing a massive role in the collective shift and de-programming/re-programming into love!

Thank you so much for listening and please make sure to like, subscribe and share with someone who you think could resonate!

To order a custom light language healing transmission or book a session, check out the options below!

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