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Pain, Pleasure and the Heart

Pain is the antithesis to pleasure they would say. But pain is the seed and rapture of pleasure. Pleasure and pain have no difference or distinction except for the coat they wear and how they are received. There is no difference between the sensational, vibrant, warm and alive sensation that courses through your body and awakens the blood in your veins.

In our modern world we can so easily become desensitized to both pain and pleasure. We can get so wrapped up in the mundane, in the numbing, in disconnection from the heart, because true and honest connection to the heart can often be quite painful. The heart is an incredibly delicate, vulnerable and sensual place. It responds so easily and deeply to all your surroundings, emotions, spaces and beings you come into contact with. When people say “live from your heart” what they really mean is to live with such impeccable bravery and sensitivity that you have to be an incredibly grounded and centered being to hold all of it.

Connecting to your heart can feel nearly impossible when we’re so trapped in our minds, our numb disconnection from the body, and any state of nervous system dysregulation. Oftentimes it takes years, ego deaths, brutal honesty and fierce practice to even come into the heart for brief moments. To surrender our guard and allow ourselves to pour, to respond, to feel.

The sacred masculine and feminine both hold a heart centered frequency. Regardless of gender or energy expression, any transactability and realness you cultivate in relationship that is safe and long lasting has to come from a true and honest heart space. And bearing your bleeding and open heart to the world can feel unbearably painful, especially after any form of heartbreak, betrayal or trauma.

But facing that pain is the only way the heart can heal and you can return within it to the true quantum space of infinite potential and manifestation. Your heart is your center of intuition, your joy, your love and power of creation. Your mind responds to your heart, and when the two are in balance your heart and mind are open vessels of reception to the divine.

Connecting to your heart can happen through connecting to the parts of your ego and soul that have long been repressed and overlooked.  The aching, tender, forgotten aspects of you that are asking for your attention and love. What you’re reaching for in the external when what you desire is what your parts need to receive right from you and your divine self. Connect to your heart and your parts, hold them and love them, and through feeling and being with their pain and expression, you free yourself to more love, more joy and reception of the divine.

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