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What if we arrived in each moment

And brought every part of ourselves

What if those little doubts trickling in the back of our minds

Were not weeds to be pulled and tossed aside

But delicate seedlings thirsty for love?

What if you illuminated

Every corner of your being

And saw all the crooked, half-formed

Aches and demons

Grumbling from their basement being

Maybe they felt lonely locked away.

What if your soul expanded across 7 dimensions and the whole galaxy?

Would you still argue that you are too small and too unsure and far too alone?

Would you still believe you weren’t worthy?

Maybe you could invite them upstairs. Take their hand. Ask them to come with you. Apologize for all the years you ignored them. Greet them like an old friend. Pour a cup of tea and offer a seat in the sun. Listen to what they have to say. Feel everything together. Stroke their head if they need it. They are yours to love.

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