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Podcast Update: Navigating Spiritual Warfare and Energetic Protection

Hey there beautiful souls!

I wanted to share a recent podcast episode where I talk a little bit about energetic protection techniques, navigating the 4th dimension, and this "spiritual warfare" we are seeing play out a lot in our current reality. Also below I am sharing a light language transmission I did a few months back that can help a lot in quickly releasing entities, energetic attachments, or other energies/emotions we pick up as empaths or sensitive people!

A lot of people don't realize but entity interference is actually a very prevalent and dangerous thing that happens very often to people who are highly sensitive, have a lot of light or are empathic. The entities or energies see such people as a good "host" to feed off their energy, and can attach and cause havoc to one's mind/body/soul. Some of these symptoms can include disease, mental "disorders", racing thoughts, panic or paranoia, or drain and fatigue. Sometimes we can carry these entities for our whole lives without realizing it! That's why it's so important to frequently clear our energy, be aware of every shift in our energy field, and do the work to raise our vibration through trauma healing/proper diet/aligned practices.

Here I'm sharing a few techniques and tools to assist when you feel a shift in your energy or think you might have picked up something. It's also important to note that when a particularly strong entity is attached, we can sometimes feel fear or resistance toward the things that will help us release it! These are not your thoughts/emotions, but the work of the entity trying to maintain its control and energy source.

Light Language Healing Video:

For a 1:1 in-depth clearing, realignment and activation, feel free to book an Akashic Records/Light Language Healing session below. This is just one of the benefits of the myriad and quantum effects of Light Language Therapy

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