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Psychic Protection and New Interviews!

Hey there beautiful souls!

I wanted to share with you our latest episodes on the Starseed Network Podcast, and a very special video interview now available on YouTube!

1. Gavin Michael 'Zen' Smith (dude/the dude) is a multi-dimensional individual on the journey of remembering. Through the practices and modalities of the Tarot, Yoga, Conversation, and Creation, the dude sustains a space encouraging the path of self-discovery. Tune in with "the dude" on Instagram (, TikTok (@in.zen) (,

Tune into this beautiful episode all about the Tarot, San Diego, and healing practices here on Spotify, Youtube, and other platforms!

2. Check out our new episode on Season 2 of the Starseed Network podcast all about Psychic attack protection, Spiritual Warfare, and how to detect and heal energetic interferences!

Tune in here on Spotify or search it up on your preferred platform!

3. Our final episode of season 1 is all about navigating grief, death/rebirth phases, and all the multi-layered process of handling more difficult emotions on this beautiful journey we call life!

You can tune in here on Spotify or on your preferred platform!

Sending you all so much love, care, blessings, and healing energy! Feel free to reach out to book a session if you feel the need for some extra support and space-holding in these intense times! take sweet care of yourselves


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