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Reconnecting with the Body

Our body is a mystery and final frontier that we have the power to access and come into union with to unlock deep answers and healing.

When we begin relating to our bodies, there are so many complex layers to work through. Often we can feel ashamed or angry at our body’s appearance - wanting it to be a different way. Or feel frustrated by an illness or disability, trying to force or change our body to heal or resenting any deficiency it might have.

We forget that our body is sacred technology designed by God itself - we are so perfectly designed to hold our soul and multiple dimensions all right here in our organic vessel. We are perfectly designed to ascend WITHIN our body, not to “transcend” and leave it behind. This is a big paradigm shift, especially if you’ve been spending a lot of your journey trying to escape the body (like I have).

Our body is a miraculous vessel that holds infinite intelligence available to us when we tap into it. When we have sovereignty and conscious connection with our body we can facilitate instantaneous healing and gnosis. Our journey of reconnecting with our body is a vital one - especially in a world that seeks to disconnect us from it and isolate us into the confusion of the mind.

I’m sharing with you all today a powerful tool to help your reconnection process with your miraculous body - a meditation to practice daily to begin cultivating that base level dialogue and connection with your body.

The link to tune into this meditation on YouTube is here below:

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