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Scorpio Medicine

Two days ago I received the Scorpio medicine. It was right after receiving a powerful healing from a cosmic being and soul family member I (re) connected with under the super moon. After days of purging, connecting to my root and sacral, and calling in deeper initiations of union with the divine, soaking in the beautiful codes of sun and ocean in Mazunte. I was saying goodbye to this divine being and out of nowhere felt a sharp sting on my foot and saw a big black scorpion scuttling away into the rocks. I believe this being chose me in that moment and was enacting the will of the divine in a brave moment on their part. Magical things happen in threes and it was a deep portal of initiation.

I spent the whole night shivering despite the heat, sweating and my whole body buzzing with a powerful vibration I had never felt so strong before. I was scared in moments, not knowing what was happening, but under the steady guidance to keep drinking water, trusting, surrendering and being present with the sensation. I felt the pain as pleasure throughout my whole body, and the venom as medicine that was activating my own body’s self-healing capabilities and my immunity. It was almost like a psychedelic journey, and I kept returning to my breath and surrendering to the sensations passing through my body. I spent the whole night awake and present with the medicine and the power and initiation it was bringing me, although uncomfortable.

Life chooses us in moments for greater things. When we ask for expansion, we don’t get to choose the how/when/where this expansion is facilitated. All we can do is trust and surrender to the magic of life, the teachings it brings, integrate those teachings and allow it to guide us to our next steps. Being a Scorpio rising and Scorpio moon, all of my life path, numerology and astrology are aligned to potent life/death/life cycles, destroying and creating, sweeping away the illusions, and bringing the dawning of a new age of humanity.

Meeting this powerful being reminded me of how to live in a sacred way in every moment, how to commit myself to presence, to my choices to serve the divine, because to love something is to serve it. So many things I knew and forgot and remembered again. The Scorpion reminded me of the power within me to create and destroy, to die and be reborn, to integrate all poisons and transmute them into gold. This too, and all, shall pass. We are powerful, we are divine, we are rising, we are remembering.

I feel my capacity expanding to hold space and sacred containers for the beings aligned to work with me in deep 1:1 sessions of spiritual mentorship, quantum parts work, and initiation into their own soul’s highest, most expansive path. This is deeply transformative work that calls your heart’s honestly, transparency and bravery forward. Like the medicine of the Scorpio, this is a container that transforms your being from the inside out, calling forward your gifts and taking you from cocoon to butterfly. This journey is not for everyone. It calls for strength and bravery of the heart, that goes beyond the mind and the body.

Calling all warriors of the heart, cosmic beings, goddesses, priestesses, light workers and sacred humans. Book a free intro call to feel into if this would be a good fit for you, expanding deeper into your cosmic and human awareness, rising into your god/goddess divine I AM and accessing the gifts of your own soul that are dormant and ready to shine.

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Wow! The syncing of events, the containment yet openness, a divine initiation, absolutely! As someone who's been smoking weed for over a decade, and nearly a half pack of cigarettes for 4 months, I coincidentally felt an urge to remove these toxins, and start this process on March 7th, to allow my heart and mind to open back to my reality; to face the demons I've been running from through coping behavior. A clarity of eternal presence is starting to come back into focus and my ability to control my reality, as well as be open to whatever comes and goes without holding onto it out of fear of scarcity. Love and presence have always been and will always be…

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