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Self-Love and Soul Growth!

Hey there, beautiful beings!

Welcome to this new little feature of my life and insight! In this blog we're going to explore, feel, heal and dive deep! Learn more about me and my process, my work and how we deepen every day on this journey together! Much love!

Right now, I'm reflecting on old poems and posts I wrote from my original blog I started waaay back in the day! It started being called "Tales of a Salad" (lol) and then evolved into "Too Far From the Sun". Ultimately this little blog grew some traction over the years I wrote in it, but was left by the wayside as I expanded into bigger things.

Now, for the purposes of launching this beautiful new website and tapping into a new level of service, I wanted to bring back some of my old posts into this new space, and set the stage for all the wonderful things we're going to create and share moving into the future!

Welcome and I hope you enjoy <3 much love!

To kick things off, I wanted to share a little poem I wrote a while back, all about self love and awakening. It's funny to me I was writing this poem before I even fully surrendered into my spiritual awakening and growth. I was moving through a lot of deep emotions even then, before I truly knew how to understand and work with them.

I have to love myself

even when I'm paralyzed,

frightened of the dark

I cradle myself softly

whisper "you're okay,

you're safe. I love you."

I have to love myself

even when I don't complete

all the tasks on my to do list

Feeling like a failure

staring at the wall,

too scared to start, too late to finish

I have to offer forgiveness,

face towards the peace that tomorrow brings

"everything will get done

in due time.”

I have to love myself

on the first step

of every new adventure

when my mind screams "turn back!"

and my heart yearns

for everything familiar.

I have to love myself

when I'm terrified, uncomfortable

and aching with expansion.

I never recognize

the girl in the mirror

I just feel her heart in my chest

the steady beating rhythm

my arms wrapped tight around her.

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