The Art of Letting Go

So there is a Universal law that governs way more than we can possibly fathom - the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction basically means that like attracts like - and what we think creates our reality. Our thoughts dictate our vibration and that vibration resonates out into the universe and attracts more of the same. It works in a positive and negative sense - everything that we think is what we create and perpetuate in our life. Reality is truly bendable and we are the rulers of it - whether we realize that or not. This law is constantly playing out, and people think that what happens to them is beyond their control. But by believing you have no control, you perpetuate that belief system. Instead of letting life happen to you, you can make it happen for you. You can learn to move out of an unconscious state into being a conscious creator.

But even as an “experienced creator” there are still challenges in understanding and applying this law. We can have the impression that we put in orders to the universe, like buying something online, and it will be delivered to us and received within the next 5 business days. But that idea can lead to frustration, especially when we think our blessings aren’t manifesting fast enough. Or we see it work seamlessly and effortlessly for others, but not for us.

There are many different techniques for manifestation. Some like to write down what they desire, say affirmations, think about it before they go to sleep, and actively ask for what it is they desire. These are very effective tools, and certainly get the message out to the universe that this is what you want. But the most challenging aspect of the Law of Attraction is not the asking - but what happens in between the asking and receiving. Maintaining that vibration of attracting what it is that you want, while also releasing and letting go of your perceived limitations, and making space for what you wanted to arrive.

This process is out of our control. Once we set a course towards a desired outcome, the whole Universe works in our favor to bring us to that outcome, whether we realize it or not. But the course that the Universe takes may not appear smooth or linear to us as humans, because we also have to be in the process of constantly releasing what doesn’t align with our vision. In order to get the job we want, we have to let go of the one we didn’t. In order to vibrate higher, we have to release the life and attachments to the lower vibration we were living in. That can be a scary process. Things may start falling out of your life that you never expected to. People you were once close with no longer resonate, and you find yourself disinterested in things you used to rely on before. The Universe is moving you toward your goal - by helping you release what no longer serves you. And in the process of letting go - you make space for what’s to come.

Here are a few things to remember when you are in the process of letting go:

  1. You are always safe and taken care of.

Everything that is happening to you is happening for a reason. Whether it be growth, a painful lesson, or repeated experiences, it’s bringing you to the point of “breaking”. Breaking your current reality open and choosing to no longer resonate with it, and seeking something higher and deeper.

  1. Everything you are experiencing is meant for you at this moment

Everything happens in Divine timing. The intelligence of the Universe is always working in our favor and our highest path, if we set that intention. You may not know why it took so long for something to come to you, but when you look back from the other side you can see how all the various pieces came together in such a way to get you where you are now. Sometimes the soup needs to simmer a bit longer to get the extra flavor we need. We can learn to trust, release control, and allow everything to play out as it will.