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The Multi-dimensional Learning Process

In my process, the way I’ve connected to learning and knowledge is a bit different. It’s not so much through courses and studying  (although that is definitely important and I devote some of my time to it). But most of what I learn and practice comes from a deep cellular knowing, an activation of my DNA. My soul teaches me. Through connection to my soul, star family and higher dimensional versions of myself, they exchange gifts and wisdom to be downloaded and integrated into my this timeline experience. Everything I do, I’ve done many many times “before” and have the joy of being able to connect to that timeline and integrate the gifts they offer me through my healing process. It’s usually messy, and often involves deep tears and processing, without any expectation or knowledge of a gift coming at the end of the road, and sometimes it is lovingly bestowed.

When I began my sound healing journey and playing the drum, it began with connecting to a soul aspect of myself, an Amazonian medicine woman. She came into my body and we exchanged the gifts and knowledge into my consciousness. I began to play the drum and connect to the spirits and the Earth in a way I had never before.

When I connect to the Akashic records, I connect through my gatekeeper, who I’ve worked with for years in the practice of connecting with my multi-dimensionality and the infinite fractals and timelines my soul has spread out around. It hasn’t been easy, and often painful individual and collective timelines to transmute. I’ve felt child trafficking (which was perhaps the most difficult to be with), ritual abuse, and all aspects of the lowest to highest faces of humanity. I’ve worked through healing deep wounds in my other lifetimes that were painful and difficult to integrate. Re-experiencing the sensations of being stabbed, betrayed, enslaved, burned, and also realizing that at one point or another I’ve been on both sides of the narrative. I’ve been the abuser and the abused. The persecutor and the victim. So who am I to judge?

All of this is outside of the “matrix”, limitations of time and space or linear learning so to speak. All of this is me, through different facets and fractals. This is just a small portion of what I’ve felt and connected to, but I felt to share nonetheless. Not from a place of ego or showing off, but showing you that we all have this capacity. There’s nothing different about any of us, just the degree to which we are ready to receive and ready to dive deep. Our gifts live in the shadows.

This doesn’t happen in a linear fashion. The more you open up and surrender to it, heal your nervous system and expand your capacity, the more these activations and initiations can come through. We all have access to infinite knowledge because we are infinite knowledge. Nothing separates us from the stars above and the earth below. We are all of it.

If you’re interested in this process and would like to learn more, feel free to book a 1:1 Quantum Healing session or book a free discovery call to feel into if this process is for you

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