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The Road

I know it is a long journey To where I need to get.

I see a road lay before me, Of dirt and rock And hard terrain. I see mountains I will climb and look Out over the wide and lush land With love in my heart.

I see rivers I will cross With wild water and Slippery stones Where I will lose my footing And rushing, churning Current reaches past my head

I may gasp for air But I will not drown.

I see rustling leaves Lining the road Trees, flowers, grass Bird’s song alongside My own As footsteps pound A rhythm to the ground.

I see heavy winter coating Of snow and slippery ice A quiet, white world With only echoes And tracks of life.

I can’t run ahead, I can’t cut across I have no wheels I have no horse I can only walk.

When I cannot walk I will crawl. When I cannot crawl I will rest.

Hoping, maybe Knowing certainly What is waiting At the end.

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