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The Spiritual Significance of Sickness

Hey there, gorgeous beings! Such a joy to connect with you all again!

I wanted to talk about a topic that is quite often overlooked in our awareness of health and medicine as we navigate our spiritual/human experience: the experience of getting sick!

Of course, this happens a lot throughout our lives; we get runny noses, colds, flu, sore throats, and all manner of different illnesses and diseases. When I was younger I would get sick all the time, mostly because my immune system was heavily weakened as I was living in a perpetual state of fight or flight. What I learned over time and through my healing journey, was that trauma and density live in our body as toxins, and as we take the time to cleanse and purge our emotional body, it’s also necessary to give that care and attention to our physical body as well. Everything is a reflection, and being aware of why something comes up and inquiring deeper can be a deeply healing process to understanding ourselves.

So in our society, we’re so used to getting sick - but do we ask ourselves why?

When pandemics and illnesses are pushed and aggrandized in the news and popular narrative, we can get so attached to the fear of our “physical body death” and the loss of our health. But we also get to see that every time we do face sickness or experience one - it’s always giving us an opportunity to go deeper.

For example, I’ve recently been sick the past few days. This is quite abnormal for me because since I started my healing and Reiki journey, I rarely ever get sick. When I do, it’s usually something energetic or spiritual that is moving through me and being purged. So with this Aquarius Full Moon, and such huge influxes of beautiful, high-vibrational energy, I’ve been knocked down flat for some time with headaches, sore throat, weakness, and exhaustion. For me, sometimes this process can be frustrating because my masculine energy wants to get up and go, but I have to choose to honor my body and listen to what it needs - which is rest. This feels like healing for my masculine energy and our collective energy - the vulnerability that comes up when our “perfect health” feels threatened, and we’re not able to push forward or take action like we’re used to. This always invites deeper surrender and listening, honoring what’s coming forward and being with it. Oftentimes our bodies and immune systems really need that reset time - to strengthen and integrate to be able to move forward when it’s aligned.

Sickness always gives us an opportunity to strengthen our immune system, reflect and respond, rest and recharge, and often change our perspective. Below I’m going to give some common “spiritual” causes of illness in the physical body. Feel free to reflect and let me know if any resonate for you/or have in the past.

Disease is simply broken down to the root of its word - dis-ease, the opposite of ease. When we deny or cover over things in our life, they will manifest in our bodies and health. These are some common reasons for feeling “dis-ease” in your body and how to work with it.

  1. Denial

When we deny our true feelings or awareness of something, this goes against our natural instincts and causes a dichotomy or split in our consciousness. When our subconscious or higher self is aware of something and trying to get our attention - but we keep plowing forward and denying it - sometimes there is a certain “intervention” that needs to happen, knocking your body down and getting you to sit and reflect and be with what’s coming up.

If you believe you may be in a state of denial about something, inquire within yourself and your subconscious. Journal on the question “What am I in denial about? What am I not currently seeing about this situation?” Allow whatever comes to be felt, and don’t be afraid of the response. Sometimes it can be something so simple that you just need to admit to yourself, and trust that whatever comes or changes that need to happen are always deeply supported by the divine

  1. Forcing yourself into a lower frequency

If you’re on an awakening journey, and you’re still in the stage where you’re regularly interfacing with something that no longer matches your frequency - for example, a 9-5 job you don’t like, a partnership that’s grown stale, or staying around toxic people or habits, you’re going to feel the effects of that in your physical body and vibration. When you consciously or unconsciously “lower” yourself to match something or someone where they’re at, your body will feel the effects of that.

Sometimes we unconsciously lower our frequency through overconsumption of things like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, meat, and nicotine, and don’t even realize why we’re doing it. Staying somewhere your soul doesn’t resonate with will create dis-ease in your body or physical injury. Be very aware and conscious of how you feel around certain people/situations and honor your health and well-being with a sacred “no” and setting boundaries.

  1. Running yourself ragged

I can admit I’m definitely guilty of this one. In this wounded masculine, patriarchal society we live in, we’re taught and indoctrinated into “hustle” culture. We believe we have to work super hard to get anywhere or even survive, and this chronic stress creates such a heavy toll on our bodies. When you’re working 3 jobs, on your feet all day, perhaps even being forced into more masculine energy than you naturally are set for, you’re going to fall out of touch with your natural rhythm and feminine energy of relaxing and receiving. When we’re unable to relax, our body goes into overdrive and fight or flight states, essentially where our nervous system is set at a high point and not able to regulate into “rest and digest” mode. This can be dangerous over time, and leads to chronic illnesses or just always feeling “sick”.

This is a complex process of freeing yourself from this system and Matrix, tapping into your feminine energy to balance your masculine, feel safe within yourself and your life, and that can be a big process. Learn to regulate your nervous system with humming or vocal toning, and check out this breathwork meditation for Vagus nerve humming to help calm and reset your system.

  1. Trauma and weakened immune system

This can definitely be vulnerable and complex to bridge. If you’re living in an environment or situation where you’re traumatized or not feeling safe, this will definitely activate your fight/flight/freeze response in your body. This response shuts down your nervous system and puts you on “edge” in order to be able to respond and protect yourself from immediate danger in your environment.

Sometimes it’s difficult to even discern if we’re in a traumatizing situation if it’s so normalized or if we’re used to it. This can even be very similar to what I described above - a chronically stressful work environment, a home or family situation that is abusive or unsafe, or even our own complex and unique cases of PTSD or other things we may not even be aware of. Be conscious of your body when you’re in these places - does your chest feel tight, your stomach upset, do you feel yourself shrinking or placating to be subservient or protect yourself? These can all be trauma responses, as well as a myriad of others. In this case, I would definitely recommend working with a counselor or guide, looking into Somatic therapy or other Body-based or traditional therapies that resonate with you.

  1. Ascension Symptoms

This one is quite common lately! As our planet is experiencing an influx of high vibrational energy, our physical bodies sometimes struggle to assimilate and integrate these energies. The high vibrations naturally push up what is stagnant, dense, and ready to be let go of. This purging process happens emotionally and physically, and it’s common to experience uncomfortable ascension symptoms as you awaken. This is different than a common illness, and even if you were to seek medical attention sometimes they may not have an answer or explanation. As your energetic body and chakras are upgrading and activating, this naturally forces them to release the energies that are no longer in alignment

Some common ascension symptoms can include: headaches, sore throat, flu-like symptoms, stomach aches, rashes, colds, hyper-energy, confusion, disillusionment, loss of appetite, fatigue, hyper-alertness, depression, mood swings, changes in diet, and tolerance of foods. I go into this topic deeper in my Podcast episode all about ascension symptoms and cures. Some ways to relieve these symptoms are listening to healing frequencies, taking salt baths, being in nature, and taking lots of time to rest.

Anyway, here you have it! These are just a few of the many complexities of illness and our physical bodies, and I’m not going to pretend I’m a doctor or medical professional in any way. But I will offer that Reiki healing sessions can do a lot for integrating and moving this energy through in a gentle and loving way, so if you are experiencing a lot of discomfort or blockages I would definitely recommend booking a healing session in person or remotely :)

Much love and take sweet care of yourselves!


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