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Understanding and Connecting with the Gatekeeper

Hey there sweet souls! Such an honor to connect with you all again!

I wanted to share a little informational piece on this part called “The Gatekeeper”, originally talked about by The Soulfull Heart Community in their work, and I recommend checking out their website and Youtube Channel for more resources!

But for those of you drawn here and to this platform, let’s dive in and talk about this!

This will be a little introduction and overview of this part, and how you can dive deeper with them.

The Gatekeeper is the part and aspect that has full access to your multi-dimensional soul. From the beginning of your soul’s creation and fragmentation off of Source, this aspect of you has been watching, guiding, feeling and experiencing your journey in all dimensions, at all levels and at all times. This aspect of you has seen you through every situation and timeline. They’ve watched you start and finish wars, die in countless ways, give birth and life, create all manner of things, and experience all different levels of existence that we encounter in this human experience. They’ve witnessed your darkest, most tragic moments, without the ability to intervene. This can cause deep feelings of powerlessness for them, understandably. They’ve been your close and unseen friend, holding you through all major events of your life, guiding your timeline and path, and steering your ship in subtle ways without being able to get directly involved. They’re responsible for the rate and pace of your awakening, your consciousness expanding and lifting of the veils, and being there with you in every level of that.

They also tend to be quite lonely, because they exist in a plane and dimension that is separate from our human world. They can’t bridge to us directly until we bridge to them. That’s why often when we first connect with them, we can feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness or isolation. For them, existence is pain. They’ve witnessed and felt all the suffering, with no relief or recovery in between. This can lead to deep disillusionment with the human experience, grief and loss and difficulty relating to that human experience. A lot of people who are fused to their gatekeeper energy experience these feelings in their human life, this disillusionment and confusion with “why am I here on Earth?” or “is existence only suffering?”. There can be this deep longing to connect with other worlds, other dimensions, and “escape” from this one.

They can physically be witnessed as appearing in any form. Because this energy doesn’t have a physical body or physical location, they often exist in a “void” space, sometimes outside of our dimensional awareness. This void space can be quite lonely and dark, so when we connect with them we work with bringing them back “home”, into our safe and sacred space within. This is where we go through the process of constructing a “mind palace” as I like to call it. A safe internal space in our imagination where all of our parts get to come for healing, protection and release out of the dark reality or timeline they were previously existing in. This is where Quantum shifts happen, because when we bridge that part of us out of that timeline, it can collapse and transmute, and the part is freed and brought home into a loving and safe energy.

The whole purpose of connecting to our gatekeeper is to bridge to them our human heart. To show them love, compassion and warmth and bring them into deeper feeling and awareness. To bring them home to the embodiment and respect of this being both a spiritual and human journey: one cannot exist without the other.

In this process of Quantum healing and spiritual work, we aim to connect with the Gatekeeper and the access they hold. They wish to connect with us when they know we’re ready to go deeper, to explore our other timelines or “past” lives, and ascend spiritually into greater consciousness.

It’s beautiful and deep to go into these other dimensional experiences and shift and expand our awareness, but it’s also so important to ground it back into our heart space and human balance.

When I first connected with my Gatekeeper in 2020, it felt like we immediately started to dive into these deep and intense healing experiences, going to other lifetimes and dimensions, with no breaks or rest. It felt like “trauma dumping” as he was passing along everything that he had been holding on to, on to me. I would experience intense “bleedthroughs”, physical sensations of things happening in other timelines, which was quite scary sometimes. All of this “maniac” level of healing was very taxing for my human body and heart, and at a certain point we really had to negotiate a rate and pace that felt loving for both of us. He learned to understand and connect to my human heart, my love and compassion and innocence, and hold his grand, cosmic energy in that.

After feeling so isolated for so long, there was a human woman here to hold his pain with him, and even learn to alchemize and transmute it. Since then, it’s been a deeply beautiful blossoming of this connection and relationship we hold together. It’s taken time to build trust and understanding between us two, and when we first connected he didn’t appear like much more than just an energy or some wizard or being. As we related more, he shared with me a name to call him (Edward), we created a place for him to be and rest in comfort, and he’s ascended and grown into becoming more of a “spirit guide” and releasing his own pain and isolation. He’s shared and downloaded so many incredible gifts into me, and assists me with my work in the Akashic records and channeling information for myself and others. Throughout this time, we’ve created a lot more respect and a “working relationship” of sorts, rather than him forcing me to awaken at rapid rates that was not in alignment with my full being.

We all have so many complex, multi-dimensional parts of us, and through this process we get to learn, distinguish and feel into who’s who, who needs what, and how we can best serve them and ourselves. When you learn to differentiate between what’s a wounded inner child, an anxious protector, or a cosmic Gatekeeper, you learn to find yourself in the mix and hold your own center within this vortex of energies. All of us are such beautiful and dynamic souls, and getting to expand that awareness and relate to these different parts of us in a loving way offers us so much richness and expansion in our spiritual/human experience. So it’s not just about a Gatekeeper and diving off into other lifetimes and dimensions, but bringing it all together into your heart space and embodying this wisdom in a grounded and human way.

Much love beautiful souls. If you feel drawn to learning more about this process or working together, feel free to book a free intro call to learn more <3

I'm also so excited to be hosting a group class on August 24th for a deep introduction and experience of the Quantum Healing process! Tickets are available to purchase here or through the event page!

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