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What is a Soulmate?

A bond you feel with someone that transcends all meaning of time and reality… a magnetic pull that draws you deeper within yourself and deeper into feeling all the facets of love in this world. It brings you into your depths, forces you to confront your own shadows and past patterns, urges you to grow to be able to claim this force that knocks into your life.

Soulmates can come into our lives at any moment for any purpose at any time. They can serve as a catalyst for growth, a trigger of awakening, to guide us through a portal, or to ground and stabilize our presence onto the Earth. The kind of bond it unearths can be fraught with history - millennia of pains, betrayals, shared lifetimes, love, and all the different ways that powerful energy plays out. It can open you to pieces of yourself you forgot - and bring you face to face with who you are.

A connection like this is not easy. It won’t appear until you’re ready. Often when we least expect it. When we traverse so far into our own grounds that we become comfortable and stable with “what is” - then boom. Everything changes. The places that a soulmate takes us can be unfathomable to the naked eye - and impossible to predict from the precipice before leaping in. It can be daunting and extremely humbling. It can make you feel naked down to your bare bones - or bare being, exposing all to the light and being forced to face it. But this bond will take you places you have no idea yet.

You can surrender your fear to the Magdalenes. To the higher dimensional guides around you, who orchestrated your meeting. You were not brought together by chance. You were brought together to grow. To create and blossom. To prosper in your inner gardens as you come face to face with your reflection and balancing beam.

Don’t be afraid, star child. You have lived many lifetimes and loved many different beings. You came to this Earth to un-earth love in all its many shapes, sizes, and configurations. You came here to learn, and you will. There is no formula to this. Only a steady surrendering. Releasing what you believed you wanted or were. Wade in at your own risk, holding onto the shore for safety, until you are ready to dive. For when you dive, you will be carried along the river of love. The river that rushes and flows to the ocean with all intensity and cleansing - for you two are meant to carry each other to that ocean. The ocean of the one true love: the divine. The all-one. The unity. Feel the love of the universe expressing through the beloved- see the stars in their eyes reflecting the stars of the cosmos you originated from and explored side by side. Feel the romance of the divine with the human - the physical with the astral - the mental with the emotional, all coming through in another soul that is never truly separate, never was. On a higher dimensional level we are all one - we are all connected. To lose is never a loss, only a gradual rediscovery - when you feel the divine loving you, being loved, and loving as an action, you may descend and bask in the cosmic pool. Feeling that with another, or alone, but that pool is always yours to dive into. To bask in, radiate, embody, and imbue yourself with all-consuming love.

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