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What makes a good space holder?

I think what makes a space holder truly great is that they don’t see themselves as “above” the person they’re holding space for.

Instead of being like “oh wow I have so much more knowledge and I’m so ahead of you/older than you/more awakened”, when one can recognize the bigness and pure I AMness of each being they have the honor to align with, and hold space for them to ARISE with them, from their soul, are they truly making a difference for them.

It’s true some are more ahead of others on their journey. But if you’re a big soul you’re probably aligned with equally big souls to work with. So instead of trying to force your agenda or idea, simply hold space and presence for that big soul to unfold, with your loving compassionate guidance and what you’re tuning into from yours & their higher self.

I’ve always been turned off from “hierarchical” spiritual communities, or worshipping a guru or spiritual leader, because we’re all here to embody so many and such different facets of our spirituality and awakening, how can just one person have all the answers?? And how can we trust that that one person is always going to be living and speaking from truth and integrity?

Sometimes we do really need a mirror and guidance. And it’s so beautiful to reach out and allow yourself to be held, and when the space truly is safe and non-judgemental, it’s astounding the magic that can come out of that! And truly purely aligned beings like that can sometimes be tough to come by, so it’s so important to be honoring our intuition and our unique journeys, and above all trusting ourselves when something doesn’t feel right or truly aligned. And when we do find the space holders who really do that, it’s a gratitude that extends across all time and space. I still think about and am so grateful to the beings who have truly held that space for me, and I am so honored to be trusted with the deep and delicate task of being that for others when the timing is right

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