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Why are we so afraid of our emotions?

Why are we so afraid of our emotions?

In a society that is so deeply perpetuated with this notion of “keep calm and carry on”, where toxic positivity is constantly shoved in our face, this notion of “oh just be grateful”, can actually be deeply invalidating to the parts of us that are genuinely hurting.

When you’re depressed and someone tells you to “be happy”, does that ever actually work? Coming from someone who has been depressed for a lot of my life, I can guarantee that no.

I’m not invalidating the importance of gratitude and affirmations and positivity as a daily practice because a lot of the time it does take persistent re-wiring of our brain and neural pathways. But when we do it at the expense of invalidating our real experiences and emotions, what’s the point? It doesn’t actually go that deep if we’re faking it or forcing ourselves.

The real value is in learning how to identify, name and connect with these emotions and parts of ourselves that are genuinely hurting, and most likely have some important reasons for doing so.

Take the time to open your heart to every aspect of yourself, have patience with the process, and really deeply feel everything that needs to be felt. As soon as you’re genuine and honest with yourself about how shitty you really feel, let the dominoes fall and the tower crumble, and actually FEEL yourself. That’s the true path to healing.

Healing is not a linear journey. It’s a spiral, it’s confusing, dynamic, and beautiful. It’s not easy work by any means. But it’s also the most important work we can do for ourselves, for others, and for our planet. Healing our heart is how we open it to experience the true beauty and ecstasy of our world and who we naturally are at our core. It’s not forced, it’s not practiced, it’s natural and free-flowing.

Be like water. Nourish yourself, wash yourself clean, and open up your heart space. Let the waves crash through you, and grow still like the flat surface of the lake. Allow yourself to ripple, connect with other ripples, and wax and wane with the moon. In a world of steel and force, be supple and easy. Welcome your depths, love them, and connect with the gifts within them.

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