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Workshop for Diving into the Subconscious: Become your own self-healer and savior

Do you ever feel like you're living life on low power mode? Or you're missing the vibrancy and joy you had so available as a child?

This is in part due to fragmentation or soul loss. When we experience a significant trauma, it can be so aggravating to the soul or ego, that it has no choice but to split off or leave the body. This results in a disconnection from a vital part of you, and this part may stay anchored in a vibration or specific moment of trauma, looping over and over, trying to resolve the situation. This disconnection can manifest in the body as chronic disease, fatigue, numbness, anxiety, depression, addiction or other numbing or dissociating tactics. You may feel like as your adult self you are "moving on with life" but there is a part of you missing, still re-living and re-experiencing the trauma of the past.

In this workshop, we are learning to become our own self-healers. We are learning to bravely dive into our subconscious (the quantum field) and our inner shadow realm to retrieve and reunify the parts of ourselves that are anchored or lost in another timeline. Through this courageous and transformative work, we bring home to ourselves the lost or hidden aspects of ourselves, and reunify with the vibrancy and soul gifts that they originally hold. We will learn to powerfully transmute and sit with emotion, tap into our heart space and higher self, and shift our vibration into a higher plane.

Through this powerful process, we can quickly and easily shift timelines, release physical body pains, resolve relationship issues, and quantum leap into a new reality. When we release the anchors of pain and trauma in our body and mind, we allow in higher dimensions and frequencies that will guide our ascension process deeper.

This is a collective and global movement of healing and releasing, that will not only impact and transform your life, but will aid your community, family (generational lineage) and the world at large. The greatest service to the world we can do is to heal ourselves and learn to live in peace and presence. Through this process, you become a beacon of light and an anchor of higher consciousness.

Stepping in and making a commitment to this process is a huge leap of faith into profound self-healing, collective healing and transformation. You may not recognize the person you were once this series is complete.

In this series of 7 monthly workshops, we are focusing on giving you the tools, resources and space to become your own Master Self Healer. Beginning October 30th, 2023, each workshop will cover teaching and tools on different aspects of the healing process, as well as guided meditations and a space to share and connect in community with soul family. Your healing will catapult and expand with safe and loving space held by you and for you, as you are allowed to share and be seen in your deepest healing processes.

You will come out of this experience with a new awareness, understanding, and transformation. You will have a new capacity to work with triggers as they come up, a process to lean into to sit with and transmute them. You will re-integrate parts of yourself you thought you lost, and experience the profound joy and gifts that come with that.

Each workshop is $15 individually or a $700 investment for the whole series. Each participant will receive a recording of the live workshop after the Zoom call, and if you are not able to attend live you will receive the recording. Each workshop will cover a different aspect of the quantum healing process, and we will meet monthly for 7 months. You will also have access to a dedicated group space to share your experiences and connect with other participants.

1st Workshop: October 30th 2023

Diving into the Subconscious and Shadow realm

In this workshop, we will learn about the process of fragmentation and how memories and experiences are stored in our subconscious mind and the quantum field. We will begin the process of learning to access these parts, move through inner blocks and barriers and b,egin the process of inner exploration.

You will be guided through a meditation to meet and connect with your inner universe, connecting with your inner protector and beginning to construct a safe space to connect with your guides on your healing journey. There will be space at the end to ask questions and/or share your experience in the meditation.

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