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You are perfect

Please understand there is no wrong you can do in this world. There is no grave mistake you can make that will take you down the “wrong” path. You are divinely ushered into this experience to expand in every and any which way or direction you choose. There is no limitation to the range of human experience and feeling you can have. Yes, there are things that wound the soul deeply. Yes, there are scars that may take lifetimes to heal. But your capacity in your heart to hold all aspects of life, yourself and others will dictate your capability to be a true and divine ambassador of love. Your capacity in your being to share of yourself selflessly and openly is the capacity to which you are able to receive in all levels and layers of divine support. There is no limit to the amount of joy your body and being can withstand, only your mind. Your mind can limit you by feeling unsafe in the state of pure joy, bliss and abundance. Your mind can create and destroy, but what truly is real is the state of unwavering peace and presence that is your God I AM presence. There is no other reality, no in-between state, other than the pure essence of being. And your pure essence of being has no filter and limitation to how, when, where it is capable of expressing itself. You are perfection.

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