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Intuitive guidance from my spirit guides to yours


The brightest light is the light that shines through the shadows. Our true essence is love, radiance, beauty, and innocence. We come into the world as our full, embodied selves in that love, but over time that radiance is covered over with traumas, fear, pain, and self-doubt. We believe we are that which lurks in our shadows, but our true nature is that of love. Coming home to ourselves. Learning to navigate the shadows and uncover the parts of you that were lost there. I’m here to guide you in that process.

It takes one to know one. I grew up on an island in Maine surrounded by beautiful nature and a deeply traumatic home life. My inner child, who I believe is our connection point to the cosmos and our true nature, was always reaching through veils. I built fairie houses, connected with other realms, and played in the grass and my imagination with complete wonder and openness. Parts of me knew and were deeply connected to a grander cosmic truth, but as I grew up that connection faded away. Through family issues, school, life, and our 3D reality, we can lose sight of who we really are. We came here to forget and re-member ourselves.

Four years ago, I found myself barreling down the wrong track. I was working myself to death, using my body in toxic ways, and my nervous system was caught in permanent survival mode. I couldn’t even begin to look at or unpack the many layers of traumas around me and my inner child. My persona had split into many scattered pieces of “self” and I was constantly dissociating away from the pain. It took a catalytic experience, a “hand of God” if you will, to snap me out of my destructive habits and down the right path. That took shape in a cup of boiling water dropping on my leg. Random it may seem, but that was my pivotal moment. I was studying Musical Theater at the time and I couldn’t dance or take my exams, I couldn’t work and I found myself actually having to take the time to rest. I felt that this was a divine chance to change my course and realign myself. One of the first things I did was book a Reiki session per my friend’s suggestion. I had never heard of Reiki before and didn’t really know what to expect, but I wanted to find out. After that powerful first session, I felt a peace I hadn’t felt in ages. My body and energy centers started to purge. My leg healed miraculously quickly, and I was back on my feet again (even the scar has completely faded away). After that, my life started to move toward healing. I began to meditate every day, speak affirmations, and a part of me that had long been dormant started to awaken. It was like I had been cut off from who I really was, and I was desperate to find her again.

In 2019 I started working with a wonderful Somatic therapist, who helped me learn to regulate my nervous system out of the perpetual fight/flight survival mode it was caught in. All the body symptoms I suffered from, migraines, jaw tension, inflammation, slowly started to fade and be relieved as I felt through each trauma that was trapped in my body. The healing process is messy, and I wondered if I would ever be “done” with it, but I’ve learned since then that the journey is the destination, and the most valuable work we can do is on ourselves. It was miraculous to watch myself slowly but surely start to change, and freeing up that space in my body allowed for divine experiences to start coming through. I uncovered my inner child, opened my third eye, and connected with Divine Mother and my spirit guides, which drastically shifted my whole perception of this “reality”. I started to really, actively remember who I was, and hear the story of my coming into existence.

Around that same time, I was gifted a tarot deck. I didn’t know much about it, but I started to play around and discovered I had an intuitive gift. I would do readings for everyone and anyone, and often gave insights and advice that were scarily accurate for people. Since then I’ve learned to use the cards to guide my journey and internal process, using them as a mode of communication between myself and my guides. Three years later, I am being guided to use tarot to guide others in their healing journeys and channel messages they need to receive from their spirit guides. To catch a live collective reading or my other video content, check out my Tik Tok @saulethestarseed.

After experiencing the deep healing power of Reiki, I felt a draw to want to learn and practice it myself. I realize now that I’ve been a healer in many lifetimes, and learning the symbols and techniques of Reiki was as natural as remembering for me. Reiki is a method of channeling Universal energy for mind/body/soul healing on a quantum energetic level. It can help resolve blockages and traumas in our energy centers, or chakras, rapidly and profoundly because most ailments are connected to dis-ease in the physical/mental/emotional bodies. Reiki attunements activate your body’s own healing capabilities and allow you to become a self-healing, empowered being.

After learning to heal myself through Reiki, and guiding my shadow work through Tarot, I was rapidly expanded in my awareness by the start of 2020. Little did I know, it was just the beginning of a massive collective shift that we are all destined to partake in.

With the time we collectively spent in quarantine, we were given the opportunity to either worry and surrender to fear or take the time to delve into our own solitude and see what opens out. With the halt in daily routines, life, and travel plans gone sideways, we had to come face to face with ourselves.

The time I spent by myself in quarantine triggered a deepening in my soul that I couldn’t have even fathomed just months before. I discovered a spiritual community called The Soulfull Heart that offered me a new paradigm to shift my consciousness and gain a deeper awareness of what is really going on in the world through this collective shift. Through their group calls and meditations, I started to intimately get to know the various parts of myself, my shadow aspects, and the “past lives”, or alternate timelines, of my multi-dimensional soul.

I spent many months and years completely immersed in deep healing, kundalini awakenings, and changes in my lifestyle/eating habits. I was exhausted from awakening in such a rapid, accelerated way, but I felt that it was part of my soul’s destiny to prepare myself to be a wayshower for others. Feeling into every aspect of my human experience, from the oppressor to the oppressed, the abused and the abuser, gave me a unique perspective of the parts we all play in this human drama. I was able to come into communion with the Divine and my higher dimensional guides and work with them one on one in the fourth and fifth-dimensional levels.

Now, two years since that leap into a deeper embodiment of my soul’s truth, I’ve shed so many layers of my ego that what remains is just a thin veil. My “persona” feels like an outfit I can put on and take off at the end of the day, always maintaining my connection and awareness of the divine within myself and others. Embodying and integrating my divine feminine and divine masculine energies, healing my inner child and inner teenager, and liberating my consciousness from the ties of programming have allowed me to fully tap into my abundance and the Divine available to us in the present moment.

Now I’m here to help you do the same. I have many stories to tell, many places I’ve been, and many aspects of my consciousness I’ve liberated. I realize I’ve been guiding people all along, healing myself, and doing this work effortlessly and easily for family and friends. I feel integrated and connected with my own divine masculine and feminine energies, and therefore available and open to work with any gender expression of people and allow the flow of identity and constructs to melt away. I tap into the wisdom of my higher self, my spirit guides, and guide you into doing the same.

What to Expect in a Session?

Diving into the offerings and what to expect in a session

Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of channeling Universal energy through your hands or the quantum field into a patient. This method and symbolism has been used by ancient masters and healers for centuries and was received again by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s when he remembered and channeled the Reiki symbols we currently practice today.


A Reiki session is a non-invasive, extremely gentle but powerful procedure involving channeling energy through the hands and body. It is a transformative process of cleansing and clearing your chakras, releasing blockages and removing chords and attachments which cause disease, and activating your body’s own self-healing abilities. There is no physical touch or even contact necessary, as the healing takes place in the energetic and quantum fields.


These sessions are performed live over Zoom/Whatsapp/FaceTime or in person, depending on the location and availability of where I currently am. Live sessions over Zoom take place in the comfort of your own home, where you will simply lie down and receive the treatment as I connect to your energy across the Quantum Field. I project my energy to connect and channel Reiki into you as you simply breathe or sleep and receive the healing. These sessions are powerful and transformative, as I’m able to release and remove all ties, blockages, and attachments from your physical and energetic body that are getting in the way of you living your best life. 


Some benefits of Reiki include:

  • Promoting a calm and meditative state

  • Easing anxiety and depression

  • Re-wiring neural pathways

  • Healing physical wounds and injuries

  • Healing traumas and releasing emotions

  • Balancing and aligning your physical/mental/energetic system

  • Accessing and healing past life or karmic wounds or injuries

  • Releasing soul wounds and traumas

  • Stimulating your body’s immune system

  • Releasing toxins and detox

  • Relieving pain, inflammation, and tension

  • Helping heal broken bones 

  • Supporting people receiving treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and kidney dialysis

  • Cutting emotional ties to situations and people


Sometimes there can be some after-effects of the treatment up to 48 hours after receiving it, but these are signs that your body is healing. Some common symptoms can be tiredness, feeling extra sensitive or emotional, extra thirst or headache, stomach sensitivity, or in extreme cases nausea or vomiting. This is rare and only when there is very dense energy to be released. 


This is completely natural and no reason for concern, and will pass. It’s important to get lots of rest, and hydration, and avoid caffeine and alcohol for a few days before and after the treatment to allow it to be the most effective.  It can also be beneficial to do another session to further integrate and balance the energy. For some deeper cases, it’s recommended to do 4 sessions in a row to really deeply release and access a disease or other more prevalent medical/spiritual condition.

Therapeutic Tarot


An important thing to remember when seeking a Tarot reading is that the future changes based on each present moment and each decision we make. Asking for fortune telling doesn’t mean much in a world where we have the opportunity to transform our destiny at any moment. A more meaningful question to ask would be: What do I need to release so I can get where I want to go? How can I heal this? What am I not currently seeing in this situation? What do I need to understand about this?


Therapeutic Tarot is a method of using the imagery of the cards, present moment awareness, and channeled guidance to address, reveal and heal specific situations and blockages in your reality. In the process, I connect to your higher self, angels, guides, and ancestors to channel through and address your current physical/mental/emotional situations and any relevant messages pertaining to the future or your current path.


This is a practice of combining Divine, channeled messages with practical, grounded guidance and techniques to improve your life, as well as gaining access to and understanding of your past lives or relevant alternate timelines that could be coming up in your consciousness. You’ll only hear what you’re ready to hear and what is truly for your greatest and highest good. This is a loving, gentle process guided by you and your soul where we hold space for you to share and be honest and vulnerable, address and relay important soul messages, and create a treatment plan for getting your life back into alignment. 

Spiritual Guidance and Quantum Healing


In these deep sessions of 75-90 minutes, we dive into your soul’s deepest expansion. We work on familiarizing and connecting you with your shadow, your hidden parts, and eventually your multi-dimensional soul to access and release pains and traumas and reunify your consciousness. This can heal and release profound wounds and trauma, limiting beliefs and align you to embodying your highest, most divine self. This work is a deep, individual process tailored to each soul and the purpose of meeting them where they’re at at this moment. 


At the beginning of the session, we hold space and talk about everything that’s coming up into your awareness to be seen and felt at this time with therapeutic awareness and the presence of guides and higher divine consciousness. Then in a meditative space, we connect to the parts and traumas associated with these issues. We access the original wounds of this timeline in the multi-dimensional plane to release the binds and karmic energy, collapse the timeline and rescue and re-unify the part of you trapped in this trauma consciousness. This can change your physical timeline, accelerate your ascension process, and help you reunify with your multi-dimensional soul.


Some of the results and effects of these sessions are:


  • Liberation from deep emotional wounds and traumas

  • Ability to release limiting beliefs and manifest your desired reality

  • More abundance consciousness and divine presence

  • Transformation in your reality and timelines shifting

  • Liberation from constricting circumstances or relationships from the inside out

  • Freedom from addictions, traumas, and suffering loops

  • Embodied access and understanding of your “shadow self” and ability to communicate and connect with it

  • Understanding and releasing karmic relationships

  • Accessing and healing the inner child and other parts of self on a quantum level

  • Connection and conscious access to “past lives”/other lifetimes/timelines/alternate realities and dimensions

  • More embodied access and ascension to the 4th and 5th dimensions

  • Internal balance and reunification

  • Expanded “clair” abilities - clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, expanded intuition

  • Accessing and connecting to soul gifts and your sacred path

  • Connecting and embodying your higher self, divine mother and divine father frequencies

  • Embodiment and access to your multi-dimensional, quantum self


The process is unique to each individual depending on where you at spiritually and how open your consciousness is, and I recommend booking a free 40-minute intro call to connect and find out more. Making a commitment to this process yields the greatest transformation possible, and it is recommended to work in sessions from once a week to once a month ongoingly. 

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