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Remote Entity Removal, Psychic Surgery and Energy Healing

Remote Entity Removal, Psychic Surgery and Energy Healing


A lot of problems we experience in life are the cause of energetic interferences, things we easily pick up from others and environments, entities or thought forms (evil eye energies) attaching to our etheric body, and even generational curses or hexes. In these remote sessions, I connect to your energy and call upon your Divine guides to name, locate and remove all energetic interferences currently disrupting your being, clear them, and encase your energetic field in protection.


A  big part of this hour-long session is also a psychic surgery, connecting to your energy through the astral plane and removing any binds, implants, and energetic chords and attachments that are draining your energy or causing dis-ease in the body. Following this intensive removal process, I channel healing and balancing Reiki energy to activate your own self-healing abilities, cleanse your chakras and help you rest and promote well-being in your journey. 


These sessions are Remote and don't need to be scheduled live. The session is performed within 1-4 days of booking, and the energy will reach you at the most optimal time for you to receive it, usually while sleeping or meditating. You will feel an immediate shift the following day. I will also send you a report following the session of what was detected and removed from your etheric body layers, and any other relevant guidance or information. 


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