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Intro to Quantum Healing Class Recording: Self Healing Mastery Workshop Series

Intro to Quantum Healing Class Recording: Self Healing Mastery Workshop Series


Dive into your own inner depths with the first recorded workshop of the Self Healing Mastery Series, where you will learn to become your own guide, savior, and healer. Following the tried and true method that has facilitated deep transformation for countless clients, we are sharing with you the tools and techniques that facilitate and empower you to be your own facilitator. These methods have shown deep transformation and healing in areas of life such as:


  • Trauma Healing and PTSD
  • addictions and eating disorders
  • chronic illness and trauma stored in the body
  • anxiety, depression, insomnia, paranoia, dissociation
  • cultivating more healthy relationships 
  • cultivating more awareness and healthier responses to outside triggers
  • strength and health of mind/body connection
  • more connection to your higher self and spirit guides
  • deeper grounding and embodiment of your being 
  • building trust, security, and abundance in the universe


And many more amazing things. With the purchase of this class recording we are covering important topics such as:


  • Overview of Quantum Healing and how it's transformed my life from traumatized, living in survival mode to healthy and free
  • The process of fragmentation from Soul groups and our Higher Self, other lifetimes, and fragmentation of our ego/self due to trauma
  • Why we fragment and what happens to the parts of us that are fragmented, lost or trapped
  • How we heal and re-integrate our fragmented aspects and trauma, in a simple step-by-step process
  • How trauma gets stored in the body and the process by which we can release it 
  • Powerful tools and techniques to transmute and process emotion and trapped energy 
  • Powerful tools and processes to unravel limiting beliefs
  • How we tap into our Higher Self and Source Consciousness
  • Why we dissociate and the protections we create within our psyche
  • A guided meditation to begin grounding and tapping into our inner world, connecting with our inner protector, and creating our own safe space


After your purchase, you will receive a digital file with the link to the video recording. We recommend you download and save this recording in your Google Drive.


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