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Inner Child Healing and a Special Offer

Our inner child is the source and connection to our true authentic self - think of who you were as a child. Before the confusion and programming of your life settled down so heavily around you. Remember the joy and love you so easily embody. The talents and gifts that you were free to explore. This is who you truly are.

In this upcoming workshop, we are diving into connecting and excavating our true essence - our inner child. This inner child holds the key and seed to our Starseed essence, our true self, and our natural born gifts and talents. In this upcoming workshop, we are diving into feeling where this child is, freeing them from the darkness, and bringing them home into integration with you and your heart.

Sign up for the workshop below!

I am also offering a 10% discount on all services up until November 30th! After this I'll be heading off on new adventures with in-person events and workshops and my calendar openings will be more sporadic. If you've been waiting for the perfect moment to book a session or healing, this is the time, especially while we are wrapping up the potent and deep season of Scorpio. USe the discount code LAST10 to dive into these powerful and transformative sessions while they're still available!

To tune into the latest podcast episode all about releasing control, surrendering and leaning into the present moment:

Latest Light Language Healing Video with Full Abundance Reset and Activation:

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