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The Inner Protector

We all have a fragmented part of our ego that is the “inner protector”. This part of us is usually a masculine energy that is responsible for keeping us safe and “functioning” in 3D society. They make sure we are physically safe, have our needs met, and are showing up and fulfilling our material duties in this way.

They can also be a catalyst of pushing away or dissociating from our bodies and our trauma. If we have a lot of trauma and we are operating out of survival mode, just trying to get by, the inner protector will “push away” all the feelings and memories to make sure you are fulfilling your basic needs. This can lead to symptoms such as dissociation, memory loss, emotionally shutting down, pushing people away, or being unable to sit still. You can feel them in the solar plexus, intense anxiety, and constant worry about survival needs. In a dangerous situation or if they don’t trust someone you’re with, they will try to get your attention. But many of us are unaware of their attempts for communication.

This masculine 3D part of us can also block the more subtle and divine parts of us away in the shadow if there is trauma. This is why when we do shadow work, we are actually just excavating the parts of ourselves we may have lost or been disconnected from. This is where we access more and more of ourselves.

The beginning of every trauma healing journey has to begin with the inner protector. As a facilitator, I begin by guiding you into connection with this part and you channeling them (we all undeniably have one and everyone can channel them). Once the inner protector feels it is safe to let you in, that’s when the real work begins.

This is why a lot of people don’t resonate with talk therapy or other types of therapies. If the inner protector doesn’t trust you or the therapist, they’re not going to even open the door to let you access the real trauma. This can lead to the client feeling dissociated or unable to even speak or share vulnerably. This is an essential step of the process that can’t be skipped ⭐️

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about Quantum Parts work sessions, book a free intro call to learn more ❤️

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