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Healing the Womb Space, Divine Feminine energy and my IUD experience

Hey there beautiful souls!

It's a pleasure to connect with you again! Today I'm talking a little bit about a topic that has been coming up strongly for me lately, and may resonate for some of you as well, particularly those in a womb-enly body.

We so often forget that the magic of our being lies in the seat of our divine feminine essence - the pure expression of life. They say "God is a woman" and it's true that all life originates from the womb of God and the womb of Divine Mother. Even our Earth Mother Gaia holds us in protection and nourishment as we live and rely on her for our nourishment, home and sustenance. So often in this masculine based world we can easily forget how important it is to be grounded into our root and the seat of our being as women, which is the womb space.

As I've been consciously working with cultivating more self love within myself, I'm feeling how much my sacred "no" is arising, to energies that no longer resonate, boundary crossing that I used to allow, and putting myself in unaligned situations out of a feeling of obligation or people pleasing. I was never exemplified on how a divine feminine woman lives, breathes, talks and acts - from the seat of her being and grounded, embodied celebration of her womanhood.

A few days ago I was beginning my moon cycle, and for the first time in years I had very intense cramps and discomfort. It felt like my womb was rumbling and awakening and asking for deeper initiation. I tuned in to a group call from the Soulfull Heart community I follow, all around the womb. As I began working with her and feeling her more, I started to feel the true depth of this energy, that went so much deeper down than I could ever imagine. And for the first time in my life I started to really feel my womb. I felt her responding to the world around me, to different energies, living and breathing and feeling as if she were her own entity. I felt this energy that was so ancient and alive and wise - and I felt my whole center of gravity begin to shift downwards to orient around her. I listened to what she was speaking - where she felt a "yes" and a "no", the clear loving boundaries that arose, and I really felt how much the feminine intuition is connected to this sacred place that we so often overlook.

I also know how challenging it can feel to connect to this space, because I spent years in avoidance and resistance to her. I used to have really painful period cramps and would be completely exhausted and bleeding for a week, before I got a hormonal IUD at the age of 20, which caused a lot of trauma and disruption to my womb space. I didn't menstruate for 3 years, and even then I thought it was the best thing ever, it was energetically and physically blocking and holding so much in. Around September of this year I started to consciously feel into her more and channel my womb and her desire to remove this device and also her secret desire to bear children! I was very surprised by this because most of my life I didn't think I wanted children, and being only 23 it still feels far away from my actual reality, but I felt that tenderness and maternal instinct come through very strongly. I even tuned in to my future spirit babies who were in my energy field and eager to come into the physical world.

But with that realization that it was time to remove this device that was blocking my natural flow and feminine energy, I wanted it out immediately! Under the Full Moon in Pisces, I went to the gynecologist and removed the IUD, quickly, easily and effortlessly. I was surprised by how painless the procedure was of taking it out, because getting it inserted was a long and difficult recovery process with lots of cramps and bleeding. I tuned in to it on an energetic level in a session with space held for me, and I felt how it was truly an energetic Matrix attachment that was happening on a physical and etheric level. It was a plug and connection to the 3D matrix that was manipulating my body and hormones and disconnecting me from my true feminine power. I removed the chord on an energetic level a few days before, which prompted a huge physical response and clearing, then the next day removing the IUD was a smooth and painless process.

The months following my womb slowly began awakening and healing and rebalancing. I started to bleed again, and I was actually excited and delighted when it first came. I felt like I was a teenager again getting my first period! My energy started to shift as well, my hormones began awakening and rebalancing, and this manifested in many different ways 😂 I also felt that natural awakening of my maternal instinct and my desire to carry life in my womb, to connect with the Earth more, the cycles of the moon, and so much began flowing through again. Over time I connected to and unblocked my root and sacral in totally new ways, and I felt how much trapped energy needed to pour out and through me. I feel my feminine "roar" arising so to speak, and I'm beginning to tap into a more embodied and mature Queen version of myself.

So I'm sharing all of this with you, for the divine feminines in the space, to awaken you as well to the infinite power we carry in our bodies, and the true miracle it is that we have the capacity to carry life into this world. This is not something to be taken lightly, and we should always honor ourselves as the pure magic and sacred vessels that we are. No matter whether we're birthing a project, idea or a physical child, we are grand purveyors of pure life energy itself. We must never forget that, especially when the divine feminine is rising and coming up against restrictive patriarchal systems. When we stand together as women in our collective roar, our holding of one another in sacred sisterhood, and feel this together instead of apart, this is when we have unstoppable power. Think about it, why have women been suppressed and manipulated for so long? Because we truly DO have infinite power. We have access to deep, embodied intuition and the ability to create ANYTHING through just the power of our own bodies and energy. This is magic, and we are magic.

So today I wanted to share with you all a very powerful light language transmission that I recorded in the midst of this process, to activate and heal the womb space, align your heart, womb and throat chakra to expressing your Divine truth, cultivating self love and energetic boundaries. This is a deep transmission, and I recommend taking it in a few times. Light language works very quickly and very effectively on a multidimensional level to access your physical and etheric structures and DNA and connect to the subconscious mind. If you'd like to tap into an individual light language healing session, I would definitely recommend booking one below for a completely unique, powerful transformational experience.

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