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False Light and Ego-Centrism in Spirituality

I’ve felt really called lately to talk about false light and ego centrism in spirituality. How it’s so easy for us to fall into a trap of believing just because we use “high vibe” language, or meditate or are vegan, that that makes us somehow better or holier than anyone else. It’s so easy to fall into this trap and I’ve definitely done it as well.

The truth is we’re all equal in the eyes of the divine. We’re all made of the same star stuff. And when we tap into that place beyond our identity and limited mind, that becomes our sovereign truth.

When spirituality is becoming more “trendy” and people are gaining followings because of it, it’s so important to be tuning in to your heart and really feeling the person you’re listening to. There have been so many times when I’ve stopped watching or listening to a specific teacher, because I no longer resonated with them or something felt “off”. Listening to this intuition is so important because they’re essentially recoding your mind and subconscious through the information they’re sharing, and it’s so important to practice discernment on what you’re allowing in to your field and giving power and influence over in your life. Unfortunately I’ve been very naive in the past, and believed everything I heard, even when my own body and intuition was telling me otherwise.

Trust your heart and higher self always. As we are collectively becoming more conscious, so do the manipulation tactics. Everything’s becoming more subtle. We leave one level of the matrix and enter into another one. Just because people use specific language or appearance doesn’t necessarily mean they are authentically living that path. Tune in to your own authenticity and your own being more to be able to discern.

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