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The Magic of Parts Work

When we begin to relate with parts, even body parts, from an outside perspective, we separate ourselves from the intensity of what that part is feeling and carrying. We get to observe instead of being “stuck in the muck” so to speak. When we go further and begin to allow them to channel and express through us, we can be so surprised by their energy and what they say, that we never expected that energy was within us! 

But it’s all part of the game of awareness. As we become aware and feel these things that have already been laying dormant within us for so long (we didn’t just make them up) we actually can get real and authentic to clear them. I’ve had so many interactions with my parts that I couldn’t possibly remember all of them, and I often can’t even remember all the names and parts that live inside me from doing this work over the years. But it’s not the worst thing, because these energies shift and are transient. Sometimes they leave or transform.

We can be so amazed witnessing the change (even in one session) of a part as we discover them. A wounded inner teenager or inner child can transform so quickly just through the power of awareness and love. What you may first come across as a shadowy figure curled up in the corner, somewhere deeply hidden, with some love and awareness, can be cleaned off into a beautiful young girl or boy. Or a lovely animal. A truly sweet and innocent aspect of your soul. 

This is the work I am so honored to witness in those I serve. Also for myself and when I have space held for me. How with this loving secure container of presence, asking simple questions, and being open and receptive to feel, all manner of extraordinary things can come out. You can start to channel information about yourself that you don’t need to go see a tarot reader for, it comes straight from your own soul and awareness. This is the magic of parts work.

Experience this transformation for yourself. Sign up for a free intro call or session below:

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