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Womb Healing: Diving Deep to Activate Your Intuition and Full Feminine Power

Hey there beautiful beings!

What an honor to connect with you all again. I hope you all had a beautiful Holiday and New Year season filled with light, joy, and rest. Lots of solar flares and collective energies were potent at this time, bringing in the new energy of 2024.

I’m so excited to share with you all a new meditation and a topic that is very potent and important for my feminines and women in this space. This is connecting with and healing our womb space. It’s quite difficult to explain or encapsulate the majesty of the womb space and how it feels when we are living from that space without experiencing it for ourselves, which is why I am sharing this transformative guided meditation below. 

Connecting to your womb is not just for when you’re pregnant. It’s a part of every Divine Feminine awakening and grounding into her body. We can birth a new life, a new version of ourselves, and access ancient wisdom and codes through our own bodies. We carry it all within us. 

In the process of accessing your deep inner world, you may find that you have carried things in your womb for even thousands of years. Things from your ancestors, your generational line, emotions and energies of the people in your life, and past lovers. As you begin this clearing process, you may feel more alive, more embodied, and safe to exist as a woman in your feminine energy. 

In our culture and society, for so long women have been conditioned to believe we have to be more masculine to survive. That we have to live from our heads instead of our hearts. We can be ridiculed for being “emotional” or “sensitive” when we’re actually responding from an intuitive place. Especially when those things we’re responding to aren’t even conscious to those who are carrying it. 

In this New 5D Earth ascension we are living in, we as divine feminines are rising into our power and being recognized for the power we carry. We are magical, deeply intuitive beings who are connected to the Earth and Cosmos, and we carry incredible blueprints of ancient wisdom in our bodies. Through following this meditation and working in 1:1 sessions, you will begin to clear thousands of years of pain and resistance, programming, and deception that you have carried unconsciously within you. You will rise into your true embodied feminine form. 

This process is not always easy, and it gets messy. You may move through deep pain and tears, shame and processing of things you never even knew were there. And you may also experience the greatest joy and ecstasy of your life. Sometimes even in the same breath. You may find yourself deep within a cavern of grief. In those moments, always hold yourself in Divine presence. Just set sail in that direction with your intention and it will be there. Accept, accept, accept. All the deep and scary emotions, all the layers of trauma and fear, WILL clear as you hold unconditional love and awareness.

As it clears, your capacity for joy and presence expands exponentially. Your life opens up because limiting beliefs have been released. Abundance and ease pour in effortlessly. You align to your heart and soul path. You become a more real and embodied person, with a depth and light that is recognizable. Your capacity for holding grief is the same as your capacity to hold joy. This is a part of our beautiful evolution process. An ancient wisdom we lost and are now rediscovering. As women, it is so beautiful when we hold space for each other in our activations. When we can witness each other’s tears and laughter. It reminds us of the unity of life and the ever-changing process of it. 

I invite you to take in this meditation daily for a month and witness the transformations in your life, available through the YouTube link below. For even deeper and more rapid quantum leaps, book a 1:1 session through the link below, where you are guided with so much love and safety into these dark places with a safe container and facilitation. 

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