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My Fasting Experience part 2

Hello, here is an update for last night and today, Day 4

In the evening when I was going to sleep, I felt a lot of nausea and headache but listened to frequencies to relieve them (Quadible Integrity on Youtube, it’s seriously healing). I couldn’t fall asleep for a while, so I had a little puff of *medicinal herbs*, which I have not been partaking in nearly as much during this cleanse. Oddly my body hasn’t expressed a need to completely detox from it, I’m guessing because it benefits from the medicinal properties. But with my body already feeling unstable and light-headed from the cleanse, I don’t feel like it’s very beneficial at the moment. But a girl’s gotta get to sleep.

Day 4: I woke up feeling a bit better and more energized (just slightly). Able to keep my eyes open longer and engage in conversation a bit more. It’s nice that I live with my boyfriend, otherwise I would probably be in complete isolation (which is not a bad thing, I enjoyed it immensely during quarantine). But he’s making sure I stay alive hahaha. I found myself a bit bored not being on social media, I kept refreshing my emails and picking up my phone for no reason. But I spent more time lying down with my eyes closed and meditating, which was very beneficial. I did some research on breathing techniques, starting reading “The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho (which is beautiful so far) and researched a diet referred to as “Liquidarianism”, which is a diet consisting only of liquids such as smoothies and soups. Followers of this diet, some of which I know personally, subsist off of prana, light, and love energies to nourish themselves. Lifestyle practices such as Qi gong, salt baths, sound healing, and sunbathing supplement their diet, and they experience benefits such as heightened spiritual awareness, Divine connection, and unlocking "Clair" abilities. A lot of the mainstream articles I found ridiculed it, claiming followers of it to be “delusional” or “lying”, which in my mind makes it all the more fascinating. I read an article about a woman in Japan named Ms. Mori who only drinks a cup of green juice a day and enjoys supernatural benefits and perfect health: link:

I tried to find the documentary about her and the book she wrote, but to no avail. I wonder if it was wiped off the internet by the Orwellian Internet “fact-checker” that is sweeping the web and blocking alternative news sources. Why would the media be so quick to censor something if it didn’t have power to it? Of course, society does not want us to believe that we could survive on light and love alone, which is actually how our higher self longs to be. Such liberation would make too many corporations go bankrupt. The "food" industries are designed to keep us sick and unhealthy, with GMOs and anti-nutrients and just straight up harmful chemicals, and then conveniently we're directed towards the pharmaceutical industry for pills we don't need and become addicted to. But with unanchoring from limiting beliefs and our growing evolution as a species, more and more people could be drawn to a diet closer to light and love. The limitations placed on us and our bodies are being stripped away right now, and humans have so much more potential than we believe.

Anyways, today I’ve just been reading and listening to frequencies, watching the rain through the window, and unraveling my mind further. I still feel a headache and nausea and lightheadedness when I stand, but I’m becoming more used to a quiet and restful way of being for now.

Tomorrow around mid-day I plan to start transitioning out of my water-fasted state into taking in more juices and smoothies.

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