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I am in love

I am in love

With the way the sun

Caresses the sea

With gentle kisses.

The way the moon dances

On the skin

Of wanderers, dreamers

And lost souls.

I am in love

With the way the air

Embraces our every moment

Cradling our bodies

In time creating space.

I am in love

With the way the Earth

Rotates for us

Bathing us in dark and light

Never stopping to ask

If we deserve

What we are given.

I am in love

With the life that emerges

From hidden and forgotten spaces

Cracks of green in gray cement

Life cannot keep

From living again.

I am in love

With hearts that beat fast

breath caught in throats

And eyes wide

Trying to capture

The vast and infinite universe

Expanding around us

Caught in a single moment

Of synchronicity and perfection

When we see everything

As small and vast

As ourselves,

No boundaries or edges

No pixel out of place

- I am in love.

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